IT company warns of data breaches due to employees working from home


A LOCAL IT expert is warning businesses to get their data security urgently checked now that most staff are working from home.

Alex Currens of Acu IT Solutions says he has seen a dramatic upsurge in hackers taking advantage of the current situation.

Now Alex and his company have produced a guide designed to help keep data safe while working from home.

Tips include opting for multi authentication passwords and always running updates – no matter how pesky and time consuming.

According to the company, hackers are targeting all businesses all the time, using automated software that sniffs out vulnerabilities for them.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Where staff are using their own devices to work from home, there’s a significantly higher risk of a data breach from that device.

Discussing the pitfalls of home working, Alex said: “These people have no morals. And they are using what’s happening to target businesses that are already struggling,”

“The problem is that many businesses were set up for home working in a rush. And that introduced new variables that can be exploited.

 “You have no idea what websites your staff’s kids are visiting. And we know it only takes one click on one dodgy email, for malware to be installed.

“Once hackers have got into a device, they like to sit and watch what it’s being used for. They’ll look for opportunities, such as someone paying invoices.

“Playing that long game allows them to wait for the greatest opportunity to steal from the business.

“At a time when businesses are already struggling, a breach like this could push it over the edge.”