Tuesday, August 9, 2022
NewsHilarious video shows police officer rapping while on duty to reinforce lockdown...

Hilarious video shows police officer rapping while on duty to reinforce lockdown message

HILARIOUS video shows a police officer performing her “coronavirus rap” as she patrols the streets in order to reinforce the government’s lockdown advice.

The officer, from Derby, was spotted singing from her police car as she drove down a street in the Normanton area of the city on Saturday night [4 Apr].

The clip shows the police car driving down a street slowly, with the musical police officer in the passenger seat, megaphone hand.

With the flashing blues of the police car lighting up the street, the officer begins to rap: “Yo, this is Derby Police. Don’t be afraid we come in peace.”

The rap continues: “Stay at home whenever you can, don’t go out on the streets with your fam, don’t walk around in two or more, or we’ll come knocking at your door.

“Only go to the shops for essential things, like bread, milk, fruit and cheese strings, go stretch your legs but for only one time, do as we say or you might get a fine, please help us to fight this disease, lots of love from your favourite PC’s.”

The clip was captured by the police officer’s sister, Stacey Meyer, who posted the video on Facebook on Saturday sayin: “When you see this post on your friends Facebook, and recognise that rappers voice #sister, proud of our police helping to keep the community safe!”

The music video has since been viewed over 16,000 times, with many finding the clip a welcomed morale boost.

Kate Robinson said: “Just brilliant.”

Goodwin Karl added: “What the f*** I’m crying.”

Jay Ingle wrote: “Legend.”

Wendy Inns said: “Massive shout out to the feds.”

Stacey today said suspicion was aroused when her sister inquired about a megaphone.

Stacey said: “She had told me last week she had asked for a megaphone to help spread the message about staying home when she’s out patrolling in the car.

“She made up a rap to try and engage the diverse community that is her patch, in Normanton, Derby.”

A spokesman from Derbyshire Police said: “Officers will use any and all options available to them to engage with the public and help get across the vital message to save lives and protect the NHS.

“While this is an unusual way of doing this we encourage all officers and staff to think of new ways they can best reach members of the communities we serve.”

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