Tuesday, May 24, 2022
UncategorizedHilarious photos show family recreating famous films every day during lockdown

Hilarious photos show family recreating famous films every day during lockdown

AMAZING photos show how one family is keeping occupied during the lockdown as they painstakingly recreate famous films every day using fancy dress.

The Taylor family from Twickenham, London have been playing “guess the movie” daily, getting kitted out in costumes and posing for photos which they post to their Instagram account.

The aim is then for friends, family and social media users alike to guess which film they are re-enacting – and the results are hilarious.

Photos of the family’s from their account @guessthemovie8 show them in a range of famous get-ups, made from clothing and props they had at home.

One attempt shows parents Steph, 36, and Matt, 37, along with two of their three children Edith, 7 and Arthur, 2, acting out the Scottish classic, Braveheart.

The family are trooped in tartan and posing with the iconic blue and white facepaint made famous by Mel Gibson’s William Wallace.

Another snap shows Steph, Edith, and Arthur dressed up like three old men complete with mustaches, as 17-week-old sister Olive plays the eponymous tot in Three Men and a Baby.

A further effort shows Matt and the children re-imagine Steven Spielberg’s E.T., with little Olive sat in a bicycle basket playing the beloved extraterrestrial.

Dad Matt, Edith, Arthur and Steph holding baby Olive

Another shows a recreation of the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, with dad Matt taking centre stage as Freddie Mercury using a mop as his mic stand.

In the background, Edith, – sporting a full Brian May wig – and Arthur on a mini drum kit as Roger Taylor, can be seen in the background.

Steph says she originally shared the images with friends and family, who had so much fun guessing the film that she was prompted to make more.

However, she was persuaded to post them on Facebook last week, where they have gained legions of fans.

Sarah Arrowsmith wrote: “Brilliant guys best bit of fun I bet.”

Kat Beadle added: “Every one of these is so good lol.”

And Ina Kirstein said: “So clever.”

Arthur on drums with Edith and dad Matt

Speaking today, Steph said: “We just think of films we enjoy and then find stuff in our wardrobe that fits.

“We wanted to make our friends and family smile, and it was incredibly well received by them.

“Then they started to send them out to their friends and we started receiving messages asking where the latest photo was.

“It’s been a real giggle and a welcomed distraction for us.”

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