Mum shares hilarious snaps showing how DIY haircut left her baby looking “like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber”


A MUM has posted hilarious photos showing how her DIY haircut left her baby looking like Jim Carrey.

Maisey Davison, from Newcastle, attempted to snip daughter Isabella’s hair before realising she’d left the tot with an uncanny resemblance to the comedy actor.

Photos show 15-month-old Isabella happily smiling at the camera while sporting a severe bowl cut.

Maisey then compared the image to a picture of Carrey in his 1994 role as Lloyd in the film Dumb and Dumber – and the similarity is striking.

A mortified Maisey, 20, took to social media to share her blunder on Wednesday April 8.

Maisey’s efforts left baby Isabella resembling the Hollywood actor. Image: Maisey Davison

She posted the photos with the caption: “First and last time I ever cut my daughter’ s hair, what have I done?”

Maisey’s post, which has since clocked up more than 39,000 likes online, has had social media users in stitches.

Mollie Jane wrote: “Omg maisey what have you done to her.”

Natalie Wilson added: “F*** off now hahah the clip man, poor bairn.”

Rachel Donaldson said: “Omg I’m howling. She looks so sweet though.”

And @hellolucy replied: “I’m crying.”

Speaking today, Maisey said: “Her hair started getting out of hand to the point where I couldn’t style it properly.

The comparison has left many in the comments in stitches. Image: Maisey Davison

“I searched up what age you could cut your child’s hair and google said any age that you feel comfortable with or if you think it needs doing, so I bathed her then began snipping the back which looked not great, but bearable.

“ I dried it but it still looked rather messy at the front, so stupidly I just grabbed her fringe all together with one hand and I just snipped through it.

“At first I was laughing hysterically at what I’d done but I then started to realise how bad it actually was once I couldn’t sort it out.”

“I sent a picture into my family group chat and my sister replied with the photo of Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber, saying that she looked like him.”

Maisey is not the only one reaching for the scissors amid the lockdown.

Yesterday, a hairdresser from Carmarthenshire launched a series of online tutorials after spotting people’s dodgy DIY trims.