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Understaffed butchers share “lovely” note from girl, 10, offering to help out and “push burgers” during crisis

A SCOTTISH butchers has shared a heartwarming letter they received from a ten-year-old girl who offered to help out the understaffed store.

MacDonald & Son Butchers based in Lochee, Dundee revealed they had been sent the “lovely” note by an employee’s daughter, who wanted to assist her stressed out mum .

Caitlyn Yule offered to “push burgers” alongside mum, Sammy Drummond, 31, after a staff member at the butcher’s was forced to self isolate, leaving employees at the shop struggling.

Caitlyn’s note was shared online last Tuesday by the butcher’s co-owner Bob Schofield.

The lovely note written to Bob applying for a job

It reads: “Dear Bob, Please can I have the job pushing burgers or anything.

“My mum is very stressed because of, blacked out name is leaving. You will probably say no, because I’m ten, but this is so serious, so I will pay attention.

“It will be for two weeks since I still have to do school work (it’s the Easter holidays).

” I am doing this to help my mum, you and everybody at work so if you can have me tell mum and I will do it.”

“It’s okay if you say no but hopefully you will say yes.  From Caitlyn.”

Bob wrote on Facebook: “This was a letter written by an employee’s 10-year-old daughter offering to help out at her local butcher.

“She had heard how stretched we were trying to cope with the extra demand due to the coronavirus and all she wanted to do was help us out.

“What a thoughtful gesture from someone so young.

“It certainly brightened up our day and we hope it brightens up yours.”

Sammy with her daughter Caitlyn Yule

Catherine Donnet wrote under the post: “Awe bless her what a caring wee girl you have.”

Dayna Louch added: “You couldn’t say no to that.”

Tracey Brown commented: “Omg what a wee sweetie.”

Alison Donegan said: “You’re a wee gem Caitlyn”.

Paddy Donnelly added: “What a thoughtful wee girl.”

Speaking today, Sammy said: “It was really lovely to see the note. I was really stressed out as we were down an employee.

“One went into self isolation as she was scared her daughter might contract the virus from her.

“So my niece stepped in but she had to leave after a week because her mother didn’t want her serving the public during the pandemic.

“I was ranting to my partner about the situation.

“Caitlyn went into her and wrote the letter applying for the job and came out five minutes later and told me to give it to Bob.

“It was so thoughtful and out of the blue.”

Bob Schofield, of MacDonald & Son, said: “It was such a lovely letter.

“I showed it to my family and asked Sammy for permission to put it online. It really brightened up our day.

“She feels like a member of the team already; she would come in everyday handing out sweets and chocolates to us.”

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