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Hilarious clip shows dad smack 6-year-old son in face with football – attracting Premier League star’s attention

THIS is the moment a dad smacks his 6-year-old son in the face with a football in a “save” so spectacular it has attracted the attention of a premier league player.

Liam O’Donnell was playing football with son Parker at their home in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham on Monday, when he managed to accidentally smack the youngster in the face while he was in goal.

The hilarious clip has since gone viral, even causing Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford to weigh in on the youngster’s “top keeping”.

As the clip begins, Parker is seen bouncing on his toes while in goal ready to save the shot.

Dad Liam, 26, taps the ball from his left foot to his right, before volleying it towards the back of the net.

Little Parker has barely any time to react as it comes screaming towards him, clocking him squarely on the nose.

There is an audible gasp from behind the camera, as both players fall to the ground.

Liam took to social media to share the fateful moment, tweeting the video with the caption: “Had a mare with the little man today.”

Parker has revelled in his newly found shot stopping fame.

The footage, which has since clocked up more than 43,000 likes online, has had social media users in stitches.

Marcus Rashford was among those to reply, commenting: “Omg” with a shocked emoji under the post.

Many others praised Parker’s impressive goalie skills.

Lee Norcup wrote: “Great save, made himself big, keeps his eye on the ball.”

Stuart Kelly added: “What a stop from the wee man.”

Even Premier League striker Marcus Rashford was stunned

And @sigmund1979 said: “Look at him, he’s on his toes, ready for it, the rest is up to the defenders. Top keeping!”

Liam confirmed that Parker, who normally plays centre back for Colron Under Sevens’ team, was unhurt following the incident.

Speaking today, he said: “He was straight back out in the garden, nothing stops him from football.

“He’s loving the reaction to it online, Rashford posted on it so he’s buzzing.”

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