Scottish football star admits to “stirring the pot” with rivals in hilarious clip after his team were awarded league title


A SCOTTISH football star has admitted he wanted to “stir the pot” with his rivals after his team were awarded the league title.

Raith Rovers star Ross Matthews trolled rivals Falkirk in a hilarious clip on Wednesday in which he pretended to drink bitter supporter’s tears.

Rovers were awarded the League One title over Falkirk after the season was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Both sides had only three games left to play in the season, with the final game scheduled at Falkirk Stadium set to be a winner-takes-all match.

The 24-year-old posted a video on Twitter after the announcement with the caption: “Something in these new Tennents which make them taste even sweeter.”

The video shows Matthews drinking from a can of beer with the caption “Falkirk tears” written on the side.

Matthews, who also went viral earlier in the season for his hilarious goal animation, posted another photo with the caption: “Don’t you know pump it.”

Matthews’ teammates Regan Hendry and Brad Spencer found the gag hilarious and posted laughing emojis in the comments.

Matthews admitted he wanted to ‘stir the pot’ with genius troll. Image: Ross Matthews

Fans were loving it as well.

@Bam75Barry said: “Superb Ross… simply superb.”

@RAithlegends added: “Class mate, congratulations and bring on the townies and easy 3 points.”

@Gavinf18 wrote: “Hero on and off the park hahaha yes.”

@JohnstonScott11 said: “Hey Rossco, go easy with that stuff tiger, you’ve got a game in 4 months, hopefully. Roll on flag day.”

Raith Rovers released a statement yesterday following the SPFL’s announcement saying: “We are delighted to share the news that the SPFL has tonight confirmed that the resolution to end Season 2019/2020 has been passed.

Many Raith fans found the video hilarious. Image: Ross Matthews

“This means that Raith Rovers are the winners of Ladbrokes League 1.”

However, title rivals Falkirk also released a statement saying they “reluctantly accept the outcome” after they were outvoted in the proposed resolution.

Matthews today said he did it in good humour and just wanted to ‘stir the pot’ a little.

Matthews said: “I know quite a few boys at Falkirk from playing with them at Raith, like Declan Mcmanus, Louis Longridge and Aiden Connolly and I also have a couple of friends I went to school with that are Falkirk fans so it was more just meant as some light-hearted humour to be honest.

“I went on Twitter to see what everyone was saying about the league and I had seen a lot of people complaining so thought it might be a bit of fun to stir the pot a little bit.

Raith Rovers lead Falkirk by one point with three games left of the season to play. Image: SPFL website

“The reaction has been mostly good to be fair, I think most people took it as a joke but I did expect a lot more abuse.

“I think the inspiration for that video came from the cans of Tennent’s I had had before that.

“I felt like I was doing an ad for Tennent’s to be fair so if there is anyone out there for Tennent’s reading this, I’ll happily take a few freebies for my advertising work.”

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