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Essay Writing Tips

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differs from other types of written works. It is generally believed that an essay is a written work reflecting one’s own thoughts on a particular issue or subject, which are supported by authoritative sources. The essay does not carry exhaustive information on the subject but it still should be scientifically relevant. However, everything depends on the professor’s requirements

Therefore, the aim of the essay is to develop the following skills: the consistent presentation of one’s thoughts, the development of written language and independent thinking. This teaches a clear, concise and competent formulation of thought, the allocation of cause and effect relationships, the ability to defend one’s point of view and shape the structural integrity of the work. In that way, many students decide to pay someone to do my essay as it is sometimes the best way to receive a good grade considering the complexity of this task.

The Writing Process

Writing an essay seems to be a simple task. Although in fact, even if you are eloquent enough and know how to express your thoughts in writing, it can be very problematic to start composing and writing it completely. That’s why it requires a lot of time and effort as well as experience.

Therefore, before starting work, carefully reflect on your topic and formulate an idea, then determine the purpose and be sure to think over and find sources of information. At the beginning of the essay, write down all the thoughts that come to your mind. These may be abstracts or snippets of sentences, at this stage they may not follow the grammar and connected-ness of the text.

If you are having difficulty joining the abstracts, you can postpone this question for later. Think over the main part first and then return to the beginning. Writing an introduction can be much more difficult than the main part. Another piece of advice that will simplify writing an essay is to pose questions and then formulate an answer to it.

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Following the Plan

You should also remember that any assignment has its own requirements. So, the first thing you should start with is a plan. This part is optional for writing an essay but if you need to stick to a plan, then write it. Also, you can not get the perfect plan for preparing an essay for the first time, it can change during the course of work.

Next, you move on to the introduction. This is the first part the reader will encounter. Therefore, be careful when writing this part. It should interest the reader to pursue reading your paper to the end. Here you can reflect on the problem, its essence, ask a rhetorical question, or quote someone credible.

In the main part, it is worth reflecting different points of view on the tasks set, you can discuss the history of the issue. When drawing up the main part, it is necessary to adhere to a certain structure. The author’s thoughts and opinions on issues are reflected in the form of abstracts, then arguments follow. These are facts supported by evidence or it may be the opinion of scientists. Most often, these are two arguments, because one is not enough to confirm your idea, and three can already lead to an increase in volume. Next, you make a mini conclusion. The essay structure is as follows:

  • introduction;
  • thesis;
  • argument;
  • thesis;
  • argument;
  • thesis;
  • argument;
  • and conclusion.

In the final conclusion, you combine all the conclusions made earlier in the main part. Here the problem repeats again and you can make the hook for the next issue or propose the following research.

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