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Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

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Alcohol addiction is not easy to detect. Because usually, the symptoms become visible only in the later stages. And by that time, a lot of damage has already been done in the life of the addict. But better late than never. So whenever the addiction gets identified, it is necessary to provide medical treatment to the addict immediately. This way, he/she will be able to return back to his/her normal life sooner.

Addicts cannot leave alcohol in one go. Even if they are able to convince their minds, their body is usually the one that reacts badly. That is why it is important for them to take proper medical treatment. But this medical treatment is not an easy process.

It can be months long as they require time to leave their addiction behind and move forward in their lives. And they also have to undergo a lot of physical pain as they have to get rid of their body’s dependence on alcohol.

But with a good rehabilitation clinic, they can do this process properly and safely. The doctors make sure that their patients experience minimal pain and get sober sooner. They sometimes also recommend home detox as the first step in getting sober.

Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

So the patient can get better while living under the guidance and care of their family. Generally, the rehabilitation process is conducted in three stages. Here are the details of these stages.

Stage 1: Examination

The patient is admitted into a rehabilitation clinic and connected to a doctor. The doctor, along with their team, examines the patient thoroughly. They look for all the problems that have been created by alcohol. They also note down the amount of alcohol that the patient consumes on a daily basis, along with its type. This stage can take up to a few days, as doctors also observe the behaviour of the patient for some time. After all this examination, they prepare a customised plan for the patient. And follow up a treatment according to that plan.

Stage 2: Treatment

The very first thing done is the alcohol detoxification of the patient. Their bodies are detoxified so that no traces of alcohol would be left in it. After this step, they observe how the patient’s body reacts without any alcohol intake. According to which, they provide patients with proper medication and treatment. They keep on observing and examining the patients until their bodies start reacting normally.

Stage 3: The Aftercare

This step is the most crucial one. Because after the patients are discharged, they go back to their normal lives. Where they might get exposed to alcohol, which will raise their chances of relapsing. And their all the months’ efforts would go in vain. That is why it is important to keep good care of patients once they are released from the rehabs. To ensure that they do not fall back into alcohol, rehabs conduct therapy sessions for them. They also perform tests on them to see if they are doing ok.

This process can be long and painful. But once the addicts return back to their normal lives, they will know the worth of this process. So if you know anyone who might be an addict, try to help them in getting sober.

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