Tuesday, July 5, 2022
NewsWoman goes viral after accidentally personalising her headphones with a message for...

Woman goes viral after accidentally personalising her headphones with a message for delivery driver

HILARIOUS photos show how a woman accidentally engraved her personalised headphones with instructions for her delivery driver.

Rosa Falcini from Market Harborough, Leicestershire shared the blunder after receiving her £25 headphones from Wowcher last Saturday.

The 21-year-old thought the personalised message section was meant to be instructions for delivery.

As a result, she received the pink, wireless headphones pictured, emblazoned with the phrase: “Leave in back garden if I am not there.”

Rosa’s awkward mix up recently went viral after she posted about the hilarious gaffe on Twitter.

Rosa got confused by the personalisation option on the Wowcher website

She posted a picture of the headphones with the caption: “I thought the personalised message was for the driver not the pods – oops.”

Rosa’s post, which racked up more than 361, 000 likes online, has had social media users in stitches.

@shansween97 wrote: “Made my day.”

@DeanCorp added: “You’ve won the internet for today.”

@dochers1176 said: “Proper laughing out loud moment this, thanks.”

And Sarah Newman-Holden revealed her daughter had also fallen foul of the confusing website.

She posted a photo of a set of headphones bearing the phrase:”Leave in the shed if I’m not in.”

Speaking today, Rosa said: “I bought this item off wowcher during quarantine two weeks ago) as a little treat.

Rosa was not the only customer to make the error

When I went to put the address details in I saw a ‘personalised message’  box, but because it was where you add your address on a different page I assumed it was for the driver like a lot of websites do.

Finally the item arrived and I was excited so I ran downstairs and opened the packaging.

“I still didn’t realise when I opened the item why this was on there and then it sunk in and I thought oh my gosh I am such a plonker!

“I wanted to post it on my twitter to make my friends laugh. I never thought in a million years it would get this many likes.

“The good news is they’re brilliant quality, so I have bought two for my family members and made use of the personalised message as I should have.”

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