Tesco apologise to mum who cracked her tooth on one of their pastries after she demands they foot £250 dental bill


TESCO have apologised to a mum who cracked her tooth biting into one of their pastries.

Mum-of-one Stacey Anderson is demanding Tesco to foot her £250 dental treatment bill after she sustained the painful injury on Monday.

Stacey from Ampthill, Bedfordshire said she had taken a bite from her chicken and mushroom pastry but soon felt a searing pain in her mouth.

The furloughed administration coordinator spat out a large lump of “bone” which she had bitten into, causing one of her back molars to crack.

Pictures show the grisly “bird’s joint” in comparison to the pastry.

And a revolting video shows how the lump bends Stacey’s fork when she attempts to prod it.

Stacey bought the item from a store in Flitwick, Bedfordshire and complained to Tesco on Facebook shortly after saying: “Hi Tesco, chicken and mushroom pastry, with a stuffed cartilage, joint or bone?

“Got a nice cracked tooth and guess what!? All the dentists are shut. I’m going to check through to make sure I don’t choke to death.”

Stacey today said she had “never felt so sick.”

She added: “I thought it was a big piece of chicken and it wasn’t.

“I felt instant pain and then saw what it was and I was gagging and heaving because it was just vile.

“At first I was calm as I thought I would give them [Tesco] the benefit of the doubt with regards to compassion, but they didn’t know right from left when dealing with it, and made me more hostile and angry with them.

“It’s not a small bone, but the size of a bird’s joint.”

Stacey has said she expects Tesco to foot the bill for her dental procedure.

Stacey from Ampthill, Bedfordshire had taken a bite from her chicken and mushroom pastry before feeling a searing pain in her mouth.

Stacey continues: “My maternity exemption NHS card runs out in four days otherwise I presume [it will cost] at least £250, but all the dentists are shut due to the pandemic and 111 said as it is manageable by pain killers I have to wait until they open.

“I don’t expect compensation as such, as I’ve got an NHS exempt card due to having a baby, but it runs out in a few days.

“They [Tesco] can at least give a gesture of goodwill, but if I can’t find an open dentist then Tesco should pay for it, for sure.”

Tesco confirmed yesterday  they are looking to investigate the incident.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We’re really sorry to hear about this incident and have asked Stacey to return the product to one of our stores so we can investigate further.

“We have robust food quality processes in place and work very closely with our suppliers to ensure great care is taken when preparing our products.”