Disgusting video shows delivery driver spitting on “vulnerable” customer’s porch


REVOLTING video shows a courier spitting on a self-isolating customer’s porch while delivering a package.

Corinne Howart, from Birmingham, caught the disgusting moment on her doorbell camera on April 16.

The asthma sufferer has accused Hermes, who apparently delivered the parcel, of “giving her a death sentence”, as she only spotted the unhygienic act when reviewing the footage days later.

In the clip, a delivery man is seen ringing Corinne’s doorbell and waiting to drop off her package.

As he waits he begins to scratch himself, before loudly clearing his throat.

He continues to gather spit before leaning over and depositing his phlegm onto Corinne’s tarmacked porch.

A furious Corinne took to social media to complain about the delivery man.

She posted the footage on Wednesday with the caption: “The Spitting Delivery Man!

“Listen to this with sound on. I’ve been in lockdown since 12 Jan due to underlying health issues.

“I didn’t know he’d done this as I didn’t see the video for a couple of days. I had no chance to avoid what he did.

Hermes are investigating the incident. Image: Corinne Howart

“So much for all the Covid delivery practices! He’s potentially given me a death sentence.

“Please let anyone know about this who you think might need to take care.”

Corinne’s post has outraged social media users.

Maureen Ashpole wrote: “Disgusting creature.”

Mark Gaffney added: “Fithy pig. As much as it’s bad enough spitting he could have done it outside on pavement, that’s just disrespect for the owner of the house.”

And Marie Lawrence said: “He shouldn’t be spitting anywhere, let alone on a customer’s property.

“It’s an airborne virus that can be transmitted on shoes. He’s a disgusting specimen and this customer has every right to complain, there is no defence.”

Corinne confirmed in the comments that she had made Hermes aware of the situation and that they were looking into the matter.

Speaking today, 57-year-old Corinne said: “I felt sick, shocked, angry and scared for my health.

Corinne was sickened by what she saw. Image: Corinne Howart

“I had absolutely no idea as I’d spoken to the man from an upstairs window at the time.

“I only saw this as I was looking for something else when I came across it.”

Hermes today said they had temporarily suspended the driver.

A Hermes spokeswoman said: “This incident was dealt with yesterday as soon as we were made aware of it. We have apologised to the customer and offered to send round a cleaning team.

“Whilst we do not believe this was a malicious act it is entirely unacceptable and this courier will not be delivering on behalf of Hermes whilst we investigate.”