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These Creative Things You Can Do While Traveling

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Who doesn’t love to travel right? To see every corner of the world is the ultimate desire of everyone who seeks adventure. No matter at what age you are, the craving for traveling more will never suffice.

Seeing the videos of travelers on YouTube or documentaries always get you stuck with thoughts about packing bags and head to wherever you want. Sometimes seeing your friends’ photos on Instagram will boost the hunger of exploring the world. In order to do that you will need proper financial planning and a lot of time. 

Now we won’t tell you to resign from your job and shut off of your business for a while when you are tour but if you possess some more skills then you make some additional earnings. Here, we have made a list of a few creative things that you can do while traveling the world plus, if you are good enough at it, you can make money out of them.

Photo by Frank Vessia on Unsplash

Write Blogs

Most of the travelers these days do this thing, If you think you have the potential of writing about your journey then you should definitely start a blog or write for you at least. You can start your blog or you can write blogs or article content for others. You can write about the history of the places you have visited as well as now where you want to go. If you have knowledge of other stuff then you can work as a freelancer and write content for other websites and make money.

Travel Vlogs

Travel vlogs are the update of blogs. On YouTube, you will find hundreds of travelers who post videos of their whole journey and the thing they have experienced. This is a great thing you can do to show others, provide tips, and inspire them. Plus, it is a great way of making your travel journey more exciting and in the future, you could feel the nostalgia with it. If you have some loyal follower base on YouTube then you can money as well.


Well, gaming is a thing that you should while you are totally free. But while traveling you can use your boring in journey time to play some of your cools games. There are lots of people who play games and stream their gameplay on Twitch or YouTube. This is still about streaming but if you are good at gambling then you can play at online casinos and get the latest casino bonuses.

With the skills and right strategies, you can make some money but sometimes you may lose as well. Plus, there are also some gaming tournaments of battle royale games where you can participate.


Well, photography is a thing of interest. If you are good at photography and you have got some camera gears and then you can capture the beauty of the locations. Now if you want to make money out of it then there are many sites where professional photographers can sell their photos. Plus, it is an amazing experience to click the photos and then show it on your social media to your followers.

Become a Guide

If you have been to someplace more than enough then you can become a guide to that place for new tourists. There are several organizations where you can participate as a volunteer and render your services. It would be an unforgettable experience of meeting people and sometimes you may earn some money from this work as well. This way you will also learn about the places other tourists have visited or

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