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NewsMum shares "genius" hack for creating healthy ice lollies using medicine syringes

Mum shares “genius” hack for creating healthy ice lollies using medicine syringes

A MUM has shared a “genius” hack for creating homemade ice lollies safe for little ones to eat using “Calpol medicine syringes”.

Lisa Townrow, from south east London, has created the healthy snack using ordinary household items most parents will own.

The 33-year-old was inspired to create her own after becoming concerned that her young children Lyla,4, and Rosie 16 months, could choke on traditional wooden lolly sticks.

The mum-of-two shared a video demonstrating how to create the tasty treat using healthy yoghurts and plastic medicine syringes.

In the clip, Lisa is seen piercing a hole in the top of a yoghurt pot using a knife.

She then pops the end of the syringe in and places the snack into the freezer for three hours.

Lisa takes the snack out of the freezer, removes the lid and places it into a bowl of hot water to loosen.

The camera then cuts to a delighted Lyla who happily chomps her frozen treat.

Sales assistant Lisa decided to share her genius tip with other parents.

She posted the video on Facebook last Thursday with the caption: “For thoses with little ones, a normal lolly with a wooden stick isn’t always ideal as the wood can split if kids start biting on it so I’ve come up with this idea.

“Can also keep the yogurt pots and fill them with crushed up fruit, bit of water and freeze!”

Lisa’s hack has blown away fellow parents, racking up more than 1,100 likes online.

Amy Dewar wrote: “Oh my god that’s brilliant.”

Ellie Buley added: “That’s an amazing idea.”

And Charlotte Cruse said: “Need to try this!”

The mother came up with the idea as she was worried about her kids chewing on the wooden sticks

Speaking today, Lisa said: “I was thinking of a way I could make some sort of lolly for Rosie as she’s a bit too young for normal ones and I wanted to make it healthy. She’s a bit too young to use the Frube style yoghurts too.

I looked in my kitchen draw and I have a massive collection of Calpol syringes, so I just gave that a go.

Now my 4 year old actually prefers the yogurt ones I make rather than your average shop lollies which aren’t very good for the kids as they have too many E numbers.

I’m shocked by how many people have said it is a genius idea!

“I’m pretty sure all parents with young kids all have yogurts and Calpol medicine syringe sticks so you can do it from the comfort of your home, you don’t need to go out and buy them especially.”

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