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Foldable Smartphones: A Lasting or Short-lived Gimmick?

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The next smartphones are bringing back that 90s nostalgia of clamshell phones, with tech firms such as Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei already having their respective designs of the device.

The question, though, are these so-called foldables meant to last, or is it just a passing trend?

Several of us could have thought a few years back that the smartphones we currently have are good enough. While the successors might offer a slightly better experience – we tend to stick to what we have for a long time. Such action, however, does not bode well for tech companies in terms of income.

That is why phone makers would need something fresh and unique that would entice people into buying the device.

Comes the introduction of foldable smartphones, which include recent releases of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Lenovo’s Motorola Razr.

The foldables are an impressive innovation. Although some consumer tech experts believed that it is better to wait for these devices to grow before we even think about owning one. Here are the reasons why.

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The prices of these devices still sit at the higher end as they are new to the market. The Galaxy Z Flip is available for $1,980, while Samsung’s GalaxyFold costs $1,980, and the MotorolaRazr stands at $1,500.

It seems to be a lot of money to spend on a device, that aside from its folding screen feature, is similar to or less robust than the equally priced smartphones with standard touch displays.

Still, the manufacturing process of folding screens is at an early stage. It is possible that once major phone makers discovered a way to lessen the cost, the prices of foldables will lower and eventually encourage more consumers.


Lacks Other Real Benefit

With the folding screen technology, users can have the best of both worlds. They can have a smartphone that fits right in their pocket and a spacious screen the size of a tablet device.

Smartphones, such as the Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, offers this key feature. Both devices have been designed with an inner and outer touch screen. When unfolded, they turn into a tablet with a wider screen. Once shut, the outer screen is available to utilize.

The Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola Razr, on the other hand, have a regular-sized touch screen when opened and a small screen in the outer shell.

While it is a great feature, that’s about the benefit of the design that the current foldable phones can offer.


Folding screens are possible through the OLED display technology, although this is thinner than the non-bendable ones. The displays of foldable smartphones are protected by a plastic layering that is more vulnerable to scratches and cracks than the traditional glass covering.

The hinges are also a concern. The hinges of some of the Razr phones were reported to have been too tight, making the flipping and folding of the device slightly difficult. Commenting on the matter, Motorola stated that it was confident about the toughness of the Razr.

The Outcome

It is still too soon to know whether foldable smartphones will endure. All of this will take time. Such technology has yet to reach maturity and will likely improve in price and durability in the long run.

When that happens, will you buy one?

That prospect seems promising. But for now, the only people who are interested in buying foldable are probably the same type of individuals who purchased high-end items that most people do not have.

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