Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Award winning photographer produces touching doorstep portraits to raise money for the NHS

STUNNING photos show how an award-winning photographer is producing “doorstep photoshoots” for people during lockdown with all proceeds going to the NHS.

Neil Wykes, from Edinburgh, is offering families the unique experience documenting this “strange time” in return for a £5 donation to NHS charities.

Wedding photographer Neil, 44, says he has been “overwhelmed” by the requests, which have come from as far away as the Cayman Islands.

Photos show some of Neil’s subjects, including is wife Natalie with youngsters Indiana, 7, and Boo, 2, sitting by their doorstep in Newhaven.

Neil is hoping his photographs can help inspire people to donate to the NHS. Image: Neil Wykes.

Another shot shows Samantha, David, Rory and Maisie from Trinity outside their home.

The family says spending time with each other has “been lovely” and “a great opportunity to teach the kids life skills”.

Meanwhile hospitality workers Hannah and Kathryn from Leith, also had their portraits taken, revealing that though they will be glad when it’s over, lockdown is “the longest break we have ever had.”

Neil has set a target of raising £1,500 for the NHS in a Just Giving page and hopes to expand his reach in the coming weeks.

Neil’s fundraising total continues to rise each day.

He took to Facebook last week to get the word out, saying: “We are all staying home where possible and trying to keep everyone safe.

“I wanted to use this time in-between wedding and family shoots to support the NHS and maybe help people make a happy memory in these strange times.

“I am therefore offering Doorstep Photoshoots for a £5 donation to charity. Your shoot could be a couple, families, pets or alone on your doorstep – I would, of course, keep a safe distance!

“You would receive a couple of images to keep. Thanks, stay safe, protect the NHS.”

The idea has delighted social media users.

Danielle McArdle said: “This is such a lovely idea! I’d happily donate more than £5. We are in South Edinburgh.

“I’d love to know when you’re travelling a bit further.”

Hazel Bell added: “What a beautiful idea! Let us know when you can get a bit further West.”

And Lynn Mouat wrote: “Aww this is fab.”

Neil hopes to meet the hot demand from people all of the city. Image: Neil Wykes.

Neil today said: “I have always loved taking photos of people and hearing about their stories, that’s why I became a wedding photographer.

“It’s obviously a quiet and stressful time for freelancers like me, with many of my weddings at the busiest time of year getting cancelled.

“I wanted to turn this time into something positive, and also try to do what I can in my small way to support the NHS.

“Families are at home together and often don’t have time for a family shoot, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to capture something of this strange time, whilst also raising some money.

“I’m not asking people to pay my usual fee because so many of us are in difficult financial situations at the moment. So I’m asking people to pay £5 or whatever they wish.

“The response has been overwhelming. I’ve had about 150 requests, and have even had a request from a family friend in the Cayman Islands, so I’m doing my best to work through them and do a couple of shoots in the same area every day.”

Those interested in getting a snap themselves can do so at the Neil Wykes Photography website.

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