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How to Support Your Child While They are Studying Abroad

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When your child comes home and announces plans to study abroad, you’ll likely feel equal parts happy and worried. You never know where they might go or what they’ll do without your guiding hand nearby.

Kids of all ages can study abroad in destinations around the world. Not only can they learn new languages and meet people from other backgrounds, but they can also learn how to live independently and appreciate their loved ones back home. With some guidance and tips, you can learn how to support your child while they’re abroad.

Set a Schedule

Kids travelling overseas don’t want to call home every night to talk to their parents. That doesn’t mean that you can’t establish a routine to stay in touch. Before your child leaves, agree to talk at the same time every week. You might decide to check in on Wednesday night at 8 pm your time or on Tuesday morning.

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The best time is one that won’t interfere with your child’s schedule or your routine. Knowing that you’ll talk at a specific time can keep you from interfering with your child’s trip but will give you the peace of mind that you need.

Create an Emergency Plan

Most schools that offer study abroad programs also have health insurance coverage that students can purchase. If your child has an accident, that insurance will let them get the medical help they need at a local hospital or from a nearby doctor. You can also provide your child with a list of emergency contacts to ensure that they can call family members if you’re not home. With an app for transferring money internationally, you can send your child the money that they need in case of an emergency too and make sure that they get those funds quickly.

Learn More at Home

No matter how much you miss your child, you can feel as though you’re with them when you read about their destination. You can look at photos and read articles online to learn about the country or city. This gives you more things to talk about during your weekly calls beyond what you did that week or the friends you visited. It can also help you feel better about what your child does because you can feel confident that they are safe. You might even try studying the local language to talk with your child later.

Stay Positive

Every parent of a student who studies abroad will worry now and then. You might wonder if your child remembers to change their underwear and brush their teeth or if they know how to spot scams and when to call for help. Staying positive is the most important thing that you can do. Many students call home multiple times a day and even cry on the phone because they’re so far away from home. Being positive and upbeat can help your child feel better about the trip and serve as a reminder that you will always be there.

Keep Calm and Parent On

Once you become a parent, you are always a parent. It doesn’t matter if your child travels to the United States, Zimbabwe or Japan because they know that they can call home and that you will always pick up the phone. Though you might feel nervous and a little scared when your child studies abroad, you can feel confident about their decision and let them enjoy the trip. As long as you stay positive, take time to learn at home and keep a positive attitude, your child can relax while studying and find a happy parent waiting for their return.

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