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Makeup artist goes viral after transforming pair of jeans with just a bottle of bleach

A MAKEUP artist has shared photos showing how she transformed an ordinary pair of jeans using just a bottle of bleach.

Jess Twiddy, from Birmingham, explained how she created the unique garment last Sunday [26 Apr] using just a few household items.

The 26-year-old shared photos of the transformation, detailing how she turned her old Pretty Little Thing jeans into a stunning pair of two tone trousers.

Pictures show how Jess used masking tape to section off areas of the denim to create the bespoke pattern.

She then placed one leg inside a bin bag, before pouring bleach over the other exposed leg.

Using a sponge, she then dabbed the bleach in to ensure proper absorption, being careful to avoid the taped areas.

The next step is to rinse off the majority of the bleach, which has dyed the denim lighter.

Perfectionist Jess said she then repeated the process adding more bleach to areas which needed a touch up.

She then added small rips and tears to give the fashionable, distressed look.

Jess used ordinary household items to create the bespoke look

The final result is the eye-catching garment expertly modeled by Jess.

The delighted DIY enthusiast decided to share her creation online, tweeting the photos with the caption: “My new love, DIY half bleached jeans.”

Jess’ creation has blown away social media users, with her tweet clocking up more than 21,000 likes.

Holly Sibley wrote: “This looks so good.”

Callum Bishop added: “Wow this looks sick!”

And Holly Nash said: “I need to do this.”

The finished product

Speaking today, Jess said: “I found it really easy, you just have to be patient with it.

“I think it’s crazy how my Sunday afternoon with a bottle of Domestos has gotten so much attention online.

“I’m all for sustainability and restyling and reworking old clothes before just throwing them away, so hopefully this will inspire people to give it a go and do the same.”

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