Wednesday, June 29, 2022
NewsAmazon launch investigation after customer finds "homemade" knife inside her parcel

Amazon launch investigation after customer finds “homemade” knife inside her parcel

AMAZON have launched an investigation after a woman found a rusty “homemade” knife inside her package.

Liz Hodges from Aldershot, Hampshire, was horrified when she opened her Amazon parcel on Monday  and found the dirty blade inside.

Liz, 59, ordered an APEMAN Mini Videoprojector from Amazon, and believes the knife was deliberately placed in her order after it was found inside a zipped up carry case.

Pictures show the rusty blade, which has been bound at the bottom with black tape.

It sits on top of the £79.99 projector, having been stashed inside the device’s protective case.

AMAZON are investigating after a woman found a rusty “homemade” knife inside her package.

A furious Liz took to social media to complain to the retailer.

Liz posted on the Amazon page later that day saying: “I’m finding it incredibly difficult to contact you with a complaint that’s not generic.

“However; I unpacked my order today which is a projector and this rusty taped blade was inside the carry case with the projector.

“I’m livid. If it was within the packaging I could understand it might have been dropped. But it was under the elastic strap inside the zipped up carry case.”

Security officer Liz today said she was astonished by the discovery.

Liz Hodges

She said: “I was astonished that something like that was found inside the carry case. It’s a rusty, ‘homemade’ knife. There was a potential minor health risk – Tetanus for example.

“I was frustrated trying to contact Amazon via the phone app which is what prompted me to post on their Facebook page.

“They responded very quickly with a link and said they’d investigate internally. When I asked if they would keep me informed they said they wouldn’t.

“Amazon said it would be an internal investigation and that is their decision. I’m assuming an organisation of that size would investigate a supplier.

“My main irritation and frustration was through trying to make a complaint to Amazon through their app which isn’t straight forward unless you send the item back for a refund.

“However, it wouldn’t be appropriate to send the projector and knife back as there’s nothing wrong with the projector and sending the knife back could put someone else at risk.”

Amazon today said they are investigating the incident.

A spokeswoman from Amazon said: “Safety is Amazon’s number one priority. We are investigating the matter and are taking appropriate action.”

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