Low carbon development launches in Dunbar


A new low carbon community designed to boost jobs and housing is to launch in Hallhill, Dunbar

Dunbear Park has been designed around The DunBear sculpture and the site is part of the Hallhill development.

A Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) has now been submitted with East Lothian Council, highlighting the intent of the developer.

The 54.3-acre development hopes to assist in creating jobs and delivering housing for COVID-19 key workers.

It also aims play a major role in supporting the economic recovery from the current crisis, in which the construction sector could play a major part.

The sculpture pays tribute to Dunbar-born naturalist John Muir, credited with playing a key role in the establishment of national parks around the world.

DunBear Park will be a mixed-use development which will provide a variety of retail, office, leisure, distribution and residential opportunities, as well as community uses.

An innovation centre will also assist in accelerating the business growth of entrepreneurs, business start-ups and SMEs

The plans also include 100 low carbon affordable homes, aimed at key workers, such as NHS staff, police and care workers and will be delivered without any additional government subsidy.

DunBear Park will adopt innovative low carbon technology to generate renewable heat and power on site, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

 Since commencing work in 1999 the Hallhill mixed-use development has delivered considerable retail and leisure opportunities.

Extensive community engagement on the proposals for DunBear Park will be undertaken on Wednesday 3rd June from 5pm to 8pm.

Hallhill Developments Ltd spokesman Ken Ross said: “We are delighted to be bringing forward proposals for our low carbon community, which we are aiming to be an exemplar development, adopting the latest low carbon technology

“DunBear Park will assist in creating jobs and delivering housing for key workers, who have played such vital role during COVID-19. It will also assist in the supporting the construction-led recovery from the current crisis.

“We will be undertaking extensive engagement on our proposals and look forward to the involvement of the community in shaping our development going forward.”