Creative couple share photos of DIY “Wood-workout” weights set


A COUPLE have revealed how they created a home weights set using spare parts from their garden, saving more than £150 in the process.

Nathan Hughes, 22, and Lucy Clarke, 21, decided to create the DIY gym kit after seeing the high price tag and long delivery times for weights during the lockdown.

Salesman Nathan produced the whole thing for just £40, using spare bits from around the couple’s home in Warrington, Cheshire.

Pictures show how Nathan created the fully adjustable bench set from leftover decking.

Nathan produced the set in 3 hours

The barbells are made from plastic plant pots filled with postcrete attached to either end of some spare poles.

A delighted Lucy took to a DIY Facebook group to share Nathan’s genius creation.

She posted photos of the set yesterday [TUE] with the caption: “My partner has made his own weight set as ones on websites were just too expensive while we’re in lockdown.

“Everything was completed by eye, from left over things we had around the garden.

“The bench is made from decking and is adjustable to up right and lay down.

“The barbell and dumbbells are made from poles, postcrete and plastic plant pots.

“To secure the postcrete, he’s drilled holes in the pole and inserted screws so it doesn’t slide off.

Lucy using the new set

“Considering he’s not a joiner, I don’t think it’s a bad job for DIY.

“The barbell weighs about 22.5kg and the dumbbell is 7.5kg (weighed these after it was dry using a weighing scale).”

Lucy’s post has amazed social media users, with many even requesting Nathan build them a set of their own.

One woman said: “He should go into business. Love the bench!”

Another added: “Wow that is so clever.”

And one group member joked: “Do Bill and Ben work out with you? A brilliant idea I must say.”

The couple have made great use of the weights already

Speaking today, Lucy said: “It took Nathan around three hours to complete.

“It was more a spur of the moment activity, he  made it up as he went along

“We’re shocked at the reaction it’s had really.

“We’ve had people asking for him to make them one, so he’s starting to price up the cost for materials then he’s going to start building them.

“He’s named it a ‘wood-workout and is very proud.”