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Places that Recycle the Most Devices in the UK

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For most people, after changing their phones or laptops, they either sell off the old one if it is still in good shape or throw it somewhere in their drawer. The latter is often the case, especially if the device is completely damaged and can no longer be used, after which it is discarded. However, this results in increased electrical waste that contributes to the disaster of the planet.

According to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the fastest growing waste stream in the UK stems from the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), which is three times higher than the average municipal waste growth. This is due to the constant development of new technologies, affluent society, and the throwaway lifestyle.

The good thing is that this damage can be reduced by one solution- recycling. Recycled devices are not common, as a larger percentage of waste electrical goods end up in a landfill. These discarded devices can be repaired for re-use or recycled, which is why we have put together some places in the UK where you can recycle your electronic devices.

1. Compare and Recycle

Compare and Recycle focuses on helping customers make the most of their phones by making the recycling process of old phones easier. They have a comparison tool that allows you to conveniently compare their company with other recycling companies both in the UK and abroad. This will help you make an informed decision on the best recycling company to use. In addition, you will get access to a list of refurbished devices that you can buy or mobile phone contracts to help you see the best deals in the market and make the right decision.

2. Virogreen

Virogreen is a company that makes e-waste recycling and disposal easy and effective by providing professional solutions. They work with business electronics and IT assets to recycle, manage, and dispose of old devices such as PCs, laptops, hard drives, printers, and more. They are also committed to security by keeping critical information safe and improving the environment by recovering, reusing, and refurbishing old devices.

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

3. Recycle Now

Recycle Now helps people to recycle more things as often as possible, which also includes the recycling and re-using of old mobile phones. They suggest giving out old phones to charities that could earn from passing them down to recycling companies. Other options include selling the device online or on the high street. They can also connect you to the nearest recycling company in your location.

4. Mazuma Mobile

Mazuma Mobile finds new homes for unwanted, rejected, mobile phones. You simply have to search for your old device model on the site to have an idea of how much it’s worth. Place an online sell order and send your packaged device, after which you get paid on the same day.


While it is easier to discard old devices, it wouldn’t be fair to the environment as new phones are constantly on the rise. These electrical items can be repaired for re-use or recycled, which will have a great impact on the earth and contribute to protecting the environment.

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