Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Menos Hiras – Tips on Saving Money At Home

My mate Menos Hiras is an absolute boss when it comes to saving money at home and thanks to his tips I spend so much less than I ever have done, and I’ve even been able to boost my savings as a result. Menos has always been like this in truth, someone who always wanted to find the best deal, or the cheapest way of doing things.

What was always impressive about him however was that he wouldn’t just buy rubbish in order to save money, he’d spend well but find ways to get the most for the least. In terms of saving money around the house, he’s really been a diamond to me and that’s why I wanted to pass on some money saving tips for you guys.

Switch and Save

Often we think that we can’t lower the price of things such as gas, electric and broadband but the truth is that you can, and it won’t take much effort. All you need to do is set a day aside and get online to a comparison site, and find out what the lowest rates are for each of your utilities. Once you find them call your existing provider and see if they’ll price match, if they don’t then switch over to the new one and save big.

Coupon Sites

Saving money on your groceries is not just about seeing what deals the super market has on, but you can also make some huge savings if you continuously check out coupon sites online. This is what we call promotional marketing and there are some great deals that you will be able to find each week, on products which you are probably going to be buying anyway. The best bit about using coupons is that they are absolutely free, meaning that you save without even doing anything.

Ten Second Rule

I laughed at Menos when he first suggested the ten second rule to me, but you’d be stunned at how much it works. Basically in order to reduce your spending, the next time that you want to buy something, hold it in your hands for 10 seconds and think about whether or not you really want to buy it. Mark my words, you will be amazed at the amount of stuff you put back.


Before going out to buy new furniture or paint, or anything else which you may have your eye on, first check out free groups on social media. The sharing economy is a wonderful thing and you will often find that people are willing to give things away for free instead of throwing them in the garbage. You can find some lovely bits and pieces through this method and we even managed to decorate the whole of the downstairs bathroom without spending a penny thanks to a free group in our area.

There are loads of ways to save money and reduce your spending, you just have to find the hack and then follow it.

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