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Cocktail Bars with a Twist


For most people, free time is usually occupied with delicious food and drinks. In London, most bars provide dazzling cocktail options to suit all preferences. Whether you are looking for an excellent stopover for a party cocktail or you want a quiet place for an evening hideaway, here are several places you can enjoy the most quirky cocktails.

Callooh Callay

If you are looking for a trendy chilled bar with an impressive cocktail list, then you may want to visit the Callooh Calley. The hidden gem provides a mixture of both fun and style, and you will receive your cocktail menu in a warm and relaxed environment. Even on busy nights, you will enjoy great attention and a good list of cocktails that merges flawlessly with both savoury and sweet food. You will find it at 65 Rivington Street, Shoreditch to enjoy a rum-based concoction with tea syrup for breakfast or the incredible Nan’s orchard.

A photo of an Old Fashioned- Cocktail Bars with a Twist
Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash



If you enjoy great golfing locations, tucked in spectacular environments, then you probably want to go to Swingers crazy golf. It’s a place of its kind where you get to play golf and enjoy a sophisticated cocktail menu with a classic and modern twist plus unique flavours. The best thing is that you can place your cocktail order from the course as several caddies walk around to keep you satisfied. The paradise at St. Mary Axe, Liverpool Street offers a great day or night out venue, where you can enjoy innovative cocktails alongside with exciting street foods as the DJ escorts you with your favourite track. You are bound to find your preferred drink, whether you need the double whisky old Fashioned or frozen kiwi daiquiris cocktails.

TT Liquor

At the Kingsland road pavement, you will find the TT liquor bar in Hoxton. It has a liquor store, basement boozer, and magnificent spaces to taste the best drinks with additional kitchen residences and mixology classes. On the first entrance, you get through a shop that is well stocked with liquor, then to a cellar bar for cocktail lovers. The cocktail menu has all manner of drinks with names such as Magnum PI and Satay-Day Night Fever with a four-year inspiration era. If you prefer a quiet place, the underground bar offers you cosy corners and secluded vaults.


Opium is on the jade-coloured door in the heart of Chinatown on Gerrard Street. It is a dim sum parlour and cocktail bar that is split into two floors with three oriental bars. They create cocktails with spice, tea, smoke, and theatrical flair. Head to the academy bar at the top floor to enjoy their signature cocktail, Opium 6, which is a sophisticated concoction of ginger, cactus, oolong, Olmeca altos tequila, and pimiento. Alternatively, you can choose gunfire, made of lemon oils and spiced rum with black tea.


Whether you are looking for classic cocktails or a little more contemporary treat, you will find your choice among the above mixmasters making the best cocktails in London.