Hermes sack courier caught calling a disabled customer a “dozy b****” on doorbell camera


HERMES have sacked a courier after he was caught on camera calling a customer’s wife a “dozy b****”.

The shocking scene was caught by 74-year-old David Gregson on his home doorbell camera on Tuesday [12 May].

The driver had come to collect a parcel from his Blackpool home when he came out with the expletive while talking to David’s wife Kath, 74.

In the clip, the courier is seen waiting outside the couple’s front door.

A few moments later, Kath comes to the window to show him a note, explaining that they will need a moment to get to the door as David is disabled and she is currently shielding.

She presses the paper to the window and the driver shouts: “It’s upside down.”

However, Kath, who wears a hearing aid, takes a minute to register what he is saying.

The man repeats himself, gesticulating to turn the note around, whilst frowning at Kath.

The exchange continues before Kath finally gives up and gets up from the window.

Hermes have sacked the driver.

As she leaves, the driver mutters: “It’s upside down, you dozy b****” before shaking his head.

A furious David took to social media on Wednesday [13 MAY] to share the footage in a Hermes complaints group.

Speaking today, he said: “I was a bit disgusted to be honest with you.

“My wife has COPD so she’s isolating at the moment and won’t even open a window, plus we both wear hearing aids and it’s difficult enough trying to talk through double glazing.

“She was just trying to show him the note, anyone can make a mistake. I just think there was no need for that language.

“I just thought he is an ignorant you-know-what.

The couple were shocked by what they captured on camera.

“He clearly didn’t realise he was being recorded, although a lot of people have these doorbell cameras now. He had a face like a smacked backside.

“I showed my wife and she went mental.

“I’ve spoken to Hotter, who I was sending the package back to, and they were absolutely disgusted.

“I told them I was surprised they were using a company as rubbish as Hermes.

“There was just absolutely no need for it.”

Hermes confirmed on Thursday [14 MAY] they had sacked the driver involved.

A Hermes spokeswoman said: “We are contacting Mr and Mrs Gregson to apologise for this unacceptable behaviour.

“The courier will not be delivering on behalf of Hermes again.”