NHS worker rants at bus driver after he allegedly swore at her for getting off after just one stop


SHOCKING video shows a healthcare worker ranting at a bus driver after he swore at her for using the service to ride only one stop.

The explosive scene, which was captured by the NHS worker on Tuesday [12 May], began after the driver asked if she was “taking the p***” by riding just one stop.

The health worker, who only wants to be known as Miss Hussain, says she boarded the 294 bus in Romford, London carrying bags of groceries and having just finished a double shift.

Stagecoach have apologised their “usually high standards slipped” and TFL say they are investigating the matter.

The scene has divided social media users, with some supporting the NHS worker, while others blast her behaviour.

As the clip begins, Miss Hussain is sat down on the bus filming her interaction with the driver.

She shouts: “If I want to go one stop on this stop I can do.

“That’s not your work to tell me when I can stop if or when I like. You’re the bus driver and I’m the passenger.

A heated debate ensued between two key workers.

“I pay the bill so I can get on the bus, if I want to get off the bus from one stop I can. You can’t tell me I’m taking the p***.

“How dare you swear at me. You’re supposed to be a bus driver.

“We’re both on the front line. I’ve just finished my f****** shift. I started work this morning at 7am.

“I’m a health care worker, you’re a bus driver. I’ve just done my shopping for my house and my children.

“Something that can not be understood before you want to swear at me and tell me I’m taking the p*** because I stopped the bus for one stop.

“That’s none of your business and you have no right to say that.

She then asks for his driver number and points out he shouldn’t swear for getting off at one stop again.

The clip was uploaded to Facebook yesterday [THUR] captioned: “Mayhem on the buses. Healthcare worker gets abuse from a bus driver for only going one stop”

The video has divided opinion online with people siding with the bus driver and other’s disagreeing with her attitude.

John Greaves wrote under the Facebook post: “Dead right sack the driver.”

Ricky Donaldson added: “She’s right to complain, but not like that.”

Miss Hussain was travelling just one stop before being confronted by the driver.

Terrie Want wrote: “I agree with her the bus driver is paid to stop at all stops even if you only went 50 yards without complaining.”

Anne Murray Maycock argued: “Being potty mouthed and making out he was just a bus driver was not helping.

“Bus drivers are skilled. You have to learn a lot to become oneDoes she think she’s better?”

David Bayfield commented: “She’s sounds thick as sick. She was kicking off, she was filming. She was craving attention just because people are “key workers” doesn’t give you the green light to be a c***.”

Speaking today Miss Hussain said: “He said to me ‘Are you taking the p***?

You press the bell to get off the bus for one stop, If you were paying for the bus journey would you still get off the bus for one stop?’

“He opened the back doors to let me off the bus while he was still abusing me for no reason.

“I had to get another bus after that so I was just trying to eliminate some of the walking.

“I had just finished a double shift and had a heavy bag of shopping I had just bought for my children at home.

“I would like an apology as I was deeply shocked and saddened by his unnecessary abuse.”

Tom Cunnington, Head of Buses Business Developments at TFL, said: “We’re sorry for any upset caused by an incident that took place on a 294 bus.

“All of our customers have every right to travel, and all of our drivers have every right to work, without fear of abuse and we are working with the bus operator, Stagecoach, to understand what happened.”

A Stagecoach spokesperson said: “We are sorry that in this case our usually high standards slipped and we and our drivers continue to be proud to serve London during this difficult time for everybody.”