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What is the deal with a transcript?


A transcript is an accompanying document that comes with a college degree. This is a very important piece of paper that you should keep secure if you want to get a good job. It shows your overall performance throughout the course you have taken. What details are actually placed in a transcript? Why this transcript is such important? Let’s learn more here.

What does a transcript bare?

To give this piece of paper its due importance you must know the real contents of it. A transcript is a profile of the educational years of a student. When you go for a job interview, the employer might ask you to show your transcript. A college degree is accompanied by two kinds of transcripts. There is an official transcript and an unofficial transcript. The contents of these two types are entirely different.

An official transcript

An official transcript carries the watermark on its paper. The transcript is printed on the watermarked paper. The counsellor, the principal or the registrar should sign the transcript and certify it. For high school students or Graduates should have to contact the school guidance office for the transcript. The college students or Graduates will have to contact the Registrar’s office for the official transcript.

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An unofficial transcript

  • An unofficial transcript has a lot more deal in it than its official counterpart. It contains-
  • The full list of the courses that you took during the college or university years
  • Your attendance report
  • The disciplinary record of your college years
  • Credit points and grades that you received in each subject
  • The GPA score, or the grade point average for every individual subject that you studied during the course that you attended
  • The scores that you secured in every examination (internal, external, theory, practical)
  • The record of any certificate or award that has been credited to you during the course

Therefore, as you can see, the unofficial transcript has so many details about your educational qualification; it is a must-see document for your employer.

So, basically, a transcript is proof of your academic experience. It put more strength on your educational qualities. Even if your degree is impressive, without the transcript it kind of loses its validity. Sometimes, employers ask for a transcript for understanding your capacity for the job. It is important that you have one ready by your side.

How to get the transcripts?     

If a company asks you for the official transcript, you have to contact the school or college to get that. The official transcript needs to be directly sent from the Principal’s or the Registrar’s office to the office of your employer. If you have been asked to show your unofficial transcript, you are allowed to show a downloaded copy, or a Xeroxed copy or a faxed copy. To be on the safe side, you should carry a copy of your unofficial transcript with you to an interview. Without it, your credibility can be judged.

Can I get a transcript if I am buying a college degree?

Yes, you can! Often people ask this question. If you are not attending any class, doing no assignment and submitting no project work, how could there be a real transcript? However, online college degree sellers do provide you with an authentic transcript that you can use for your benefits.

The online degree sellers can guarantee you with authenticity because they provide degrees of accredited

universities. The real physical universities have plenty of online partners whom they help to sell college degrees. The websites, you are contacting for degrees, are partners of real schools or colleges. Therefore, if you want a transcript along with your degree, you have got it.

The degree sellers will give you sufficient supporting documents which will support your transcript. The transcript will be real and safe if the website is legit and a real online partner of a physical university.

You can verify the documents in every possible way. They are legitimate. You can use those documents for all legal purposes. The seller has already legalised and verified the papers.

If you are thinking of a promotion or getting a raise, you can certainly use these documents. The transcript will show how well your academic performance had been. Your high educational qualification will speak volume on your part.

A transcript increases your credibility as an employee. Your transcript can get you a deserving promotion. It can also fetch more job opportunities than you could have imagined.

For most of the people, by the time they need a transcript, they have moved far away from their school or college. So, getting hold of the transcript becomes hard. Online degree selling websites present to you this wonderful chance to have an online transcript without any hard work. It will be authentic and it will make your claim for a job stronger.  

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