Disgusting video shows Aldi customers heaving after discovering “pus-filled abscess” on chicken


REVOLTING video shows Aldi customers heaving and retching after discovering a “pus-filled” lump on their chicken.

Daisy Pike from Enfield, London was left horrified after she purchased the £1.65 chicken to eat yon Sunday, but instead found the disgusting mass.

The 22-year-old filmed her friend Danielle Jones, as she cut into the foul-smelling lump, which she described as an “abscess”.

As the clip begins, Danielle is seen rinsing the meat under a tap, as she handles the lump, she immediately begins to gag.

She then squeezes the bulge which begins to emit a green, pus-like substance.

She shrieks: “Did you see that blood? That is a dirty abscess, what the f*** is going on?”

Danielle then decides to cut off the lump and Daisy’s horrified 4-year-old asks: “What the hell is that?”

The 21-year-old squashes the mass with the scissors and more white fluid oozes out.

She replies: “That is disgusting” and heaving again, adds that it is “all pus.”

Daisy zooms in on the fleshy growth and says: “That is absolutely rank.”

More fluid continues to stream out, causing the group to start retching again.

A horrified Daisy took to social media to warn others about the meat.

The 22-year-old filmed her friend Danielle Jones, as she cut into the foul-smelling lump, which she described as an “abscess”.

She posted the videos with the caption: “Look at this please. This is why you should always check your meat.

“Aldi Enfield Retail Park, chicken full of puss, had a puss sack and all sorts.

“Disgusted ain’t the word. Be careful guys.”

Daisy’s post has sickened social media users.

Lia McCarthy wrote: “I can’t even watch this, look how grim.”

Patricia Jones added: “I have never seen anything like that from meat I have brought from anywhere.”

And Lisa Arnold said: “Omg! That literally made me nearly vomit.”

Speaking today, bartender Daisy said: “It smelt really bad, the lump felt exactly like it would if it was an abscess on a human.

“I ran to the toilet and physically had to be sick, and my friend as you can hear, she was truly disgusted.

“Even my four-year-old daughter was heaving.

“What makes it worse is I usually get universal credit, so due to not being at work I’ve been given meal vouchers and this is where I chose to spend them.

“It was a waste, as I bought a few packets and now I’ve thrown them all out.”

Aldi confirmed the lump was an oil gland left behind on the carcass.

An Aldi spokesman said: “Although extremely rare, it is possible for a gland to naturally remain in the chicken during production.

“While there is no food safety issue, we apologise to Ms Pike that this product falls below our usual high standards, and she is welcome to return to store for a full refund.”