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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO


Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is an essential part of growing your business, especially if you want it to be on the grid of the internet. Even then, a lot of people don’t understand how SEO works and are afraid of what it might do to their businesses.

To give you a heads up of how SEO operates, SEO works by giving your business a chance to appear more in search engines. There are a lot of business websites on the internet, but only a handful can show up on the first page of search engines like Google.

If you don’t see your website on the first page of these search engines, chances are people won’t know anything about your business website as people tend not to proceed to the second page of the search results. If you are interested more in what SEO has to offer your business, here are some of them.

The Rise of Mobile Advertising

With the rise of more innovative and fresher new technologies brought to you by mobile phone companies, people are online most of the time. Gone are the days where internet users  wait to get to their homes before they can log in to their computers. This means that people can immediately search for things at the time they need it.

An excellent example of this is tourists. Since tourists are in a place that they are not usually familiar with, they are more prone to searching a specific place, like a coffee shop, while using search engines instead of walking around asking the locals.

For a small business competing with big names in the coffee industry like Starbucks, SEO gives you a chance to rank higher in the search engine. Whenever people search for ‘local coffee shops,’ with the help of SEO, your business can rank higher than other coffee places, making people know about your coffee shop.


For a small business, local SEO consultants like AdInfusion can help them be on the radar of people requiring the kind of service your company does by ranking your site higher in the search engines than other businesses. If you are in Sacramento and are interested about SEO, click here to learn more about AdInfusion.

Social Media Marketing Might Not be Enough

A lot of experts in marketing are recommending social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for marketing purposes, for the reason that a lot of people are using them.

Yes, they can be an excellent platform for advertising your brand and even for customer service. But to warn you, if you are solely relying on these social media sites, it might be a good time to create an SEO strategy for marketing.

A lot of articles have been floating recently that social media sites give a 50% boost in brand awareness among its users. Still, in reality, search engines only give your website 5% of traffic from social media. This means that even if a lot of people followed you, shared your posts, or liked your page, they have a little contribution to your ranking in search engines.

This is because Google, the most used search engine, only includes data from its search algorithms and not from social media sites since they don’t have access to them. That means, no matter how big of an influence you are to social media, it gives you a little to no nudge at all to your ranking in search engines.

SEO Helps Build Credibility

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Building an online presence is a hard task, even so, if you don’t have an SEO strategy. Even if you have managed to create an online presence by creating a website that advertises your business’ services, the credibility is still questionable since people do not see your business on the first page of Google.

People tend to go to Google if they want to know something about an industry, and since you don’t have an SEO strategy yet, you don’t rank highly in the search engine, and might not even be present in the page at all. But, let’s say that a person stumbled upon your business website, he/she will have some reservations about your credibility since he/she didn’t see you on the first page of Google.

In other words, a higher ranking in search engines means that Google or other people, through searching, have found your website relevant to the industry, even if you are still a small business when compared to others. Because of this, authority and credibility will be immediately established and will give consumers a positive vibe about your services.


Marketing nowadays gives a chance to smaller businesses to be more noticeable and to fight back against more prominent brands. Relying on social media platforms alone is not enough. If you want to establish a more significant presence online and in the industry, investing in SEO is an excellent way to start.