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Brain Power is What Separates World Class Performers


Sharp. Alert. Determined. When you think of a world-class performers, they have attention to detail and a mental game that others don’t. That’s because they hone in on their craft and maintain mental clarity to help them succeed. So, what are the traits that top athletes have and how can you learn to embody these unique talents in their endeavors?

The World’s Best Performers Have…

Top performers in business and gaming all focus as much on their mental focus as they do on their physical well-being. Want to possess the brainpower that some of the top performers in the world have? Here are a few things that separate them from everyone else.

Determination and Discipline

The best performers in the world focus strictly on their craft. This could be in sports, business or gambling. They don’t get caught up in the latest gossip or worry about the rumor mill on social media. They intensely focus on getting better as whatever they are doing.

As one of the world’s greatest basketball stars, Michael Jordan used to practice for up to 6 hours every day. He would also practice sometimes for hours at a time working on the same foul shot over and over again. 

It was reported that Kobe Bryant started the day at 5 am with practice and then school. He’d finish the day with practice at around 7 pm and would get in about 4 hours of practice total daily – while still in high school. 

A Good Poker Face and an Excellent Mental Game

The best performers also have to know when to hold’em and when to fold’em. They need a good mental game and they have to know how to bluff and spot a good bluff. In addition, they have to be able to track what’s happening at all time while playing the game.

Molly Bloom was one of the most well-known poker players in the world who ran high-stakes, multi-million dollar, underground games on both coasts. Hands in her games sometimes went as high as $4 million. She once saw someone lose $100 million on a single hand.

Having a mental strategy when playing casino games is important and finding the right game for your skill set can be the difference between winning and losing. Sites like offer the top selection of roulette online so top performers can find what works best for them and go “all in.”

Mental Clarity

Another trait that top performers in every field possess is they start the day fresh. They don’t worry about work, familial or school obligations. They start with yoga, stretching or other exercises and have protein-rich meals to fuel their day. 

From professional football players to gamblers, breakfast with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and egg-whites is common. Lunches and dinners include lean cuts of meat like chicken or fish with salad while carbs are used specifically for fuel sources and snacking is avoided. 

Athletes like Tiger Woods prefer sports drinks to carb-rich meals. Tom Brady used to drink up to 25 glasses of water daily with electrolytes while Roger Federer would have a shot of vinegar and a glass of coffee daily. He also carb-loaded with pasta about 2-hours before each match. 

Bottom Line

Ultimately, star performers combine discipline, a sharp mental game and diet with their daily regime. Whether they’re on or off their game the habits they have can help you maintain mental clarity, determination and focus even if you’re stuck all day in meetings or online playing an intense hand of no-limit poker!

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