X-Ray shows how 7-year-old became real life “piggy bank” after accidentally swallowing pound coin


A MUM has revealed how her seven-year-old daughter became a real life “piggy bank” after swallowing a pound coin in a freak accident.

Iris Medrado Dos Santos, 41, told of the terrifying ordeal last Thursday [14 May] which saw the coin become lodged inside daughter Liza.

The youngster was playing with the coin when she tossed it in the air, but decided to catch it in her mouth and accidentally swallowed it.

Iris immediately dialed 999 who advised her to monitor Liza’s condition, but she began complaining of stomach problems and so was rushed to West Middlesex University Hospital in London.

An x-ray revealed 7-year-old Liza had swallowed a pound coin. Image: Iris Medrado Dos Santos

Once there, doctors used x-rays and metal detectors to reveal the pound coin lodged deep inside.

X-ray taken at the time shows the money firmly wedged in Liza’s gut, where it will remain until it passes.

Thankfully, mum Iris saw the humour once the panic subsided, and took to Facebook to share the ordeal.

She explained what happened and wrote: “She is fine and now I am a poo inspector searching for the one pound golden coin.

The coin will remain in Liza’s gut until it passes. Image: Iris Medrado Dos Santos

“The big sister wants to frame the X-ray with the coin. Lockdown memory”.

She also revealed the doctor treating Liza had asked if she was a “piggy bank”.

The post prompted many other parents to come forward with similar stories.

One wrote: “My daughter managed to swallow a teapot lid from a kids ceramic mini tea set! Still quite big to swallow and an odd shape.

“But, yep that was a first for them apparently had never seen that one before. A frigging teapot lid.”

Another said: “That’s certainly one hell of a lockdown memory.  And I agree with her loving sister that it should be framed with the x-ray.”

And one mum commented: “This is absolutely hysterical.”

Speaking today Iris, said: “I was panicking at first. My hands wouldn’t stop shaking but then when I spoke to 999 and saw that she was fine I could not stop laughing.

Thankfully both and mother and daughter found the funny side of the story. Image: Iris Medrado Dos Santos

“The doctor said he was going to use a metal detector to identify where the coin was, but after about an hour looking, he couldn’t find it anywhere and sent us to do an X-ray.

“I asked her how she swallowed the coin and she told me she threw it in the air and caught it with the mouth.

“The doctor asked her how she swallowed the coin and as she told him that she threw it in the air and caught it with her mouth.

“He asked her ‘Are you a piggy-bank?’ Which got us in stitches.

“Then he asked her ‘Are you saving money?’ To which she replied ‘yes’ and he said: ‘That’s a really dangerous way to save money.’

“My teenager is desperate to frame the X-ray and coin. Yes, we will definitely frame it.”