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NewsMum shares how she "hacked" IKEA furniture to produce bespoke bunkbed

Mum shares how she “hacked” IKEA furniture to produce bespoke bunkbed

A MUM has revealed how she “hacked” IKEA furniture to produce a bespoke bunk bed for her daughter.

Angela Bamforth, an interior designer from Bramhall, Cheshire shared how she renovated the ordinary flat pack goods to create the stunning bed and play space.

The 46-year-old explained how she and husband Phil, 52, simply removed the bottom bunk from the £100 Mydal bed and saved the wood.

They then used the £49 Trofast storage unit as steps up to the top, using the spare wood to shore up the structure.

Angela renovated ordinary flat pack furniture into the impressive bed. Image: Angela Bamforth

Phil then covered the whole structure with free pallet wood left over from the couple’s previous home renovation.

Anglea then sanded and buffed the cladding and used a light wash to produce the subtle painted effect.

The result is the rustic bunk bed which has space for daughter Cara, 8, to play under and store her toys.

Angela decided to share her husband’s handiwork in interior design Facebook group, House Talk on Tuesday [19 May].

She posted a picture of the finished product with the caption: “My daughter’s room. An Ikea hack of the Mydal, some Trofast for steps, cover it with pallet boards and ta da!”

The DIY bed proved a hit on social media. Image: Angela Bamforth

Angela’s post has since earned her numerous fans.

One woman wrote: “Well, your daughter is never moving out!”

Another added: “I love this so much.”

And one group member said: “This is amazing.”

Speaking today, Angela said: “I came to my husband with some very rough drawings and he did the grunt work so to speak.

“It probably took a couple of weekends to complete.

The couple used IKEA furniture as part of the build. Image: Angela Bamforth

“The only expense was the IKEA furniture and some fabric to make a canopy at the top.

“Our steps don’t have a handrail, as the bed is against the wall but certainly if you were making this for a younger child I would recommend putting one on.

“The response has been good. It’s always nice when people comment on your post and ask questions.

“I just think we’re all in the same boat right now and if sharing it has lifted someone’s spirits or inspired them then that’s great.”

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