Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Amazon customer slams the retailer after filming “record breaking waste” used to send tiny parcel

A FATHER of four has slammed Amazon for their “disgusting waste” after “setting a record” for delivering the smallest item in the largest package ever.

Brendan Hills from Caerphilly, South Wales filmed himself opening his parcel on ** and demonstrating the “irresponsible” waste.

The 36-year-old had ordered a pack of three darts grippers weighing around one gram, which arrived in a 11 x 6.4 x 2.02 cm box.

The video shows Brendan filming his delivery saying: “I think this might be an actual record of the biggest box ever, for the smallest parcel ever.”

Brendan then places the phone down and begins to open the parcel, saying: “I’ve got a lot of paper, oh yeah quite a lot of paper.”

He pulls out masses of paper and places it by his side before discovering his item. He says: “Nice one Amazon. What a winner.”

Brendan drops the dart grips on the table revealing the size comparison.

An outraged Brendan took to the company’s Facebook page on Wednesday to complain, sharing the clip with the caption: “This waste is disgusting!”

Brendan believes it is a record for the most waste with the smallest package delivered. Image: Brendan Hills

The construction project manager today added it wasn’t the first time he has received a delivery like this.

He said: “It happens all the time, I shudder to think how much cardboard Amazon must waste.

“That’s probably the worst example, but I had a breaker bar, a relatively small tool, delivered in a larger box just two weeks ago.

“I wasn’t surprised as I’ve had similar experiences with them in the past, but I’m angry that they’re so irresponsible.”

Brendan branded the company ‘disgusting’ in a Facebook post. Image: Brendan Hills

Amazon today said they were committed to reducing their waste in their retail operations.

An Amazon spokeswoman said: “At Amazon, we’re constantly working to eliminate waste across our retail operations, for our business and for our customers.

“Over the past 10 years, our sustainable packaging initiatives have eliminated more than 810,000 tonnes of packaging materials, avoiding more than 1.4 billion shipping boxes.”

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