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The crucial end of tenancy cleaning tips to have in mind


Numerous tenants across the UK believe that living on rent is more comfortable and less responsible. However, once they rent a house or a flat, the obligations start raining like men on a cloudy Monday. Indeed, there are a lot of chores and things you should have in mind if you are a tenant not only during the tenancy period but even when it ends. Because when you decide (or have to) move out, there’s one more thing you should do according to your lease contract.

You should handle the end of tenancy cleaning. Those of you, who have already experienced it, are aware of how significant, long-lasting, tough and complicated it might be. It takes one DIY move out cleaning project to figure it out how easier and better it is to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning London services. But that’s not all. This sanitising procedure hides a lot of snags. Missing just one of them or failing in any of the cleaning chores costs your tenancy deposit. Add to this lost money the nerves from the arguments with the landlord, and you get it clear – end of tenancy cleaning is not a joke. And you should approach it seriously. You should also undertake it by having in mind a couple of crucial tips. Let’s list them one by one.

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Deep cleaning is the right cleaning approach

This simple question has a vast answer with lots of aspects not to forget. First of all, you should clean the house or flat thoroughly. It’s a top-to-bottom procedure that goes beyond the regular domestic chores like washing the dishes and tidying up. End of tenancy cleaning is about perfection in the property you are about to leave, and that’s about to be rented by other people. These new tenants will seek for ideal hygiene, healthy living space without dust on the worktops or a stain staring them from the kitchen area. Speaking of health, it’s a common trend of landlords to require green cleaning. Tenants shouldn’t use any toxic cleansers that might cause allergic reactions or harm the living environment where kids and pets are about to live. It’s a deep cleaning procedure, which means that every detail is going to be examined during the inventory check. Don’t forget to wipe the lighting switches and the sockets, too. Clean the property as you are about to move in it.

Your tenancy deposit back depends on the proper organisation

Whether you are going to hire a professional cleaning company, or you are undertaking a DIY project, end of tenancy cleaning requires a plan. A lot of tenants who prefer to deal with the purge alone make checklists. And it’s an excellent idea. It’s essential to make a checklist for both: the entire house and for each of the premises. A checklist is a must while you are shopping for the right tools and products for the disinfection. On the other side, the professional companies work with strictly composed detailed end of lease cleaning checklists. These checklists are productive and effective because they have been tested and improved through the years based on the practice (common reasons for disputes and general conflict area during the inventory check).

Prepare for a long cleaning process

Motivation and proper adjustment to what’s coming are recommended. Though, when the day for cleaning comes, lots of the inspired tenants lose the willingness for scrubbing and washing within the first two hours. We’ve got some unpleasant news for you – end of tenancy cleaning usually lasts up to half a day if being performed by experts and more than a whole weekend if you are alone in this. We strongly recommend you to consider if you’ve got enough time and if you might have some helpers to join you.

However, using a professional end of tenancy cleaning services will cost you less time, money and nerves, and they always come with a guarantee for your tenancy deposit. Why risking everything when specialists can handle this vast purge instead of you?