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Types of mattresses good for side sleepers


Mattresses play a very important part in maintenance of your back health. Medicated mattresses have been introduced in the market for people having back related issues. Apart from the type of mattresses there are a few things that determine the type of mattresses you should choose for yourself. You can choose the best one for yourself at Your sleeping position is very important. Many people prefer sleeping on their side while some like sleeping on their back. Doctors advise sleeping on the sides rather than sleeping straight. Sleeping on the side aids in digestion, helps in proper alignment of the spine and helps in proper breathing. Choosing a suitable mattress is necessary or you might end up in suffering from chronic back pain or postural misalignment. Here are a few most popular mattresses that the side sleepers find comfortable to use.

Photo by Ty Carlson on Unsplash
  1. Nectar: Nectar mattress is one of the best memory foam available in the market. The mattress is neither too firm and nor too soft making it easy for the people to sleep. The price is economical and it is considered to be best value for money by many users. It gives a lifetime warranty and is makes no noise. The makers claim that a 1 year trial has been run on the mattress and is tried and tested for comfort and back health.
  2. Layla Hybrid: It is a unique 2 in 1 type of mattress with two levels of firmness in one mattress. It has a lesser and a more firm side which is convenient for the user. The users compliment the temperature of the mattress which remains almost neutral, which is due to the copper element present in the foam. The mattress has a feature of motion isolation due to which it is usually the first choice of many couples. The company claims 120 nights successful trial and offers a 10 year warranty.
  3. Leesa Original: It is one of the most used mattresses for side sleepers. It has many layers of foam which helps in keeping the body aligned and prevent back. Shoulder, neck and hip pain. It also posses the feature of motion isolation, hence chosen by many couples. The mattress is medium in firmness and has been tested for 100 nights for comfort and quality. The seller offers a 10 year warranty for the product.
  4. Helix Midnight: It is a hybrid, medium firm mattress. Since it has both, the coils and the foam component, it is one of the most used mattresses. The high density foam provides the firmness which lets the side sleeper sleep in proper alignment without putting uneven pressure on any body part. It is suitable for people of any weight. The coils give the mattress an adequate bounce and support at the edges. It has a 10 to 15 years warranty and has been through a 100 days sleep trial.
  5. Nolah Original: It is foam, medium firmness mattress. It has air chambers which gives comfort and adequate alignment to the shoulders, back and hips of the patient. It provides support to the pressure points of the body which prevents pain or muscle stiffness. It is moisture and heat proof which makes it durable.
  6. Saatva Classic: It is a hybrid mattress, made up of pocketed and memory foam layers. The mattress offers customised firmness levels, sizes and heights. One can choose the one which he/she thinks would suit the best. It is one of the luxury mattresses and is made up of environmental friendly material. It has been approved after a 120 nights sleep trial and is backed up by a 15 years warranty.
  7. Brooklyn bedding Aurora: It is one of the most popular hybrid mattress among side sleepers. It comes in three firmness levels . Medium firm is recommended for side sleepers due to the comfort and adequate cushion support to the pressure points of the body because of the copper infusion in the top foam layer. The temperature is maintained at a moderate value throughout the night which is an added advantage for hot sleepers. Although a bit costly than others, it is one of the most durable mattresses and stays in proper shape for a long period of time.