Football fan shares stunning photos of 26 replica stadiums he built during lockdown


A PROFESSIONAL golfer has stunned football fans by building 26 replica models of famous stadiums.

Aidan Healey, from Leeds, has spent his lockdown painstakingly recreating some of the sport’s most iconic grounds, from Barcelona’s Camp Nou to Manchester United’s Old Trafford.

The 25-year-old Leeds fan shared pictures online showing his handiwork on stadiums such as Liverpool’s Anfield, much to the delight of football-starved fans.

Pictures show each of the individual stadiums created by Aidan, which are correct down to the most minute detail.

Aidan has wowed many football fans across the globe. Image: Aidan Healey

Among them is Wembley Stadium, recognisable for its famous arch.

Other creations include Celtic Park and Argentine outfit Boca Juniors’ La Bombonera, all created by Aidan using sets from University Games.

After completing the mammoth project, Aidan took to social media to share his creations on 16 May.

He posted photos of the first 22 stadiums completed captioned: “8 weeks and 22 stadiums later.. Certainly cured some of the boredom!

“@UniversityGames can we make an Elland Road now please.”

Aidan’s post has since been shared throughout social media.

Aidan has spent over 8 weeks building each stadium. Image: Aidan Healey

ESPN’s SportCenter tweeted: “Tremendous! He is a Leeds fan, golfer and also has an impressive talent: he put together 22 stadium models in 8 weeks!”

Producer Juan Cornel also tweeted: “Aidan Healey, a young Englishman, took about eight weeks to build miniature stadiums.

They are small replicas of the most important in Europe: Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Anfield, Allianz Arena, Da Luz, among others.”

It has left many in the comments wowed by the effort.

Jamie McKeenan said: “Who is this? I need to meet this person! I am doing exactly the same, albeit a few behind them!”

Chris Gadd added: “Make a game of thrones intro type video.”

Reece Gass wrote: “That looks amazing.”

Kieran Ashton said: “This is class.”

Speaking today, Aidan said: “During lockdown my mum had got me one from a holiday last year, so I built the Nou Camp and really enjoyed how it passed time.

Boca Juniors’ La Bombonera is among Aidan’s favourites. Image: Aidan Healey

“So I began buying a few more and then got to a point I thought why not get all of them.

“I’ve managed to get hold of four more, Real Sociedad, Boca Juniors, River Plate and Racing Club all in Argentina.

“After the tweet went viral I got lots of messages saying I’d missed these ones. If anymore crop up that I haven’t built then I’ll keep going.”

“The reaction has been brilliant to be fair.

“Lots of questions from people asking where to get them from because they want to build certain ones of the teams they support, and lots of questions asking which stadium is which.

“I just wish they did an Elland Road haha!”

Aidan also revealed his favourite stadiums, and one in particular he struggled building.

He added: “My favourites are the Etihad – although that one took over six hours with the string threading through, San Siro, Anfield and Celtic Park all are my favourites!

“I don’t really have a least favourite, although Old Trafford was a hard build with me being a Leeds fan!”