Thursday, May 19, 2022
NewsDramatic moment three cars narrowly avoid smash after driver runs red light

Dramatic moment three cars narrowly avoid smash after driver runs red light

SHOCKING video show the moment three cars nearly collide after a reckless driver runs a red light.

The heart-stopping moment took place on Queens Road in Halifax, West Yorkshire  on Monday night.

The incident was caught on dashcam by local Hamza Mazouz who was waiting at the lights when the car overtook him to speed across the junction.

As the video begins, Hamza is seen pulling up at the lights which lead onto a four way junction.

Suddenly, a white driving the wrong way down the road races up alongside him.

The white car swerves around Hamza, careering towards pedestrians including young children who walk on the pavement.

The white car zooms across the crossing, veering to the right out the path of an emerging car.

At the same time, a yellow van crosses from the other direction.

White car
The white car flashed past Hamza

Both vehicles are forced to slam on their brakes, narrowly missing a collision as the driver in the white car speeds away.

The dramatic clip was uploaded to Facebook by Hamza Mazouz early this morning [TUE] captioned with: Meanwhile at Queens road today. Watch what happens at the second traffic light.”

Kat Wakelin wrote under Mazouz’s post: “Wow they were lucky. Well done all the other drivers who managed to stop.”

Cath Gib  said: “Oh crikey that’s insane driving just imagine if anyone had been crossing that road.

Cars at junction
The car headed straight into the path of emerging vehicles

“And even if they get caught and banned it would not stop them they would just carry on.

“The punishments need to be increased dramatically to have any effect on these idiots.”

Graham Eldridge added: “What a k***head.”

Speaking today, Hamza said: “My reaction to it when it happened was please god don’t let it happen as it could have been fatal if it did.

The crossing where the incident occurred in Halifax, West Yorkshire (Image: Google)

“Because if you look there was a delivery van coming from one side and another car coming from the other so three cars would have got involved in the accident.

“It was whisker close, unbelievable how it didn’t. You should’ve seen the other drivers faces.

“This sort of driving around Halifax has become the norm I could post videos everyday but, this one was bit more deserving of a stupidity medal.

“I don’t know if the driver was under the influence of something or just plain stupid.

“I haven’t reported it to the police yet because it only happened last night but I will do I hope they can identify the driver.”

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