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NewsPolice officers filmed punching and standing on detained man as he lies...

Police officers filmed punching and standing on detained man as he lies on the ground

SHOCKING video shows police officers punching a suspect on the ground telling him “stop f****** moving or I’m going to hurt you”.

One officer was seen punching the detained man. Image: Mia Carter

The incident, which took place in Ilford, London, saw three police officers trying to restrain the suspect, with one officer appearing to stamp on him.

The horrific moment was caught on camera on 18 April, by local eye witness Mia Carter, 21.

Police have said they are aware of the clip, but it is important “not to prejudge” the footage.

A series of clips show the struggle between the officers and the individual as filmed from a distance by Mia.

As the first video begins, two officers are seen restraining the suspect who is partially obscured by a fence.

A female officer holds one arm while another policeman helps, suddenly the male police officer draws back his arm and lands a forceful punch onto the suspect.

A loud groan is heard as the blow connects and the police officer shouts: “Get your arm down.”

Another officer allegedly stamps on the man. Image: Mia Carter

At this point a third officer approaches and appears to stamp on the suspect before using his foot to hold him in place.

A second video shows the third police officer shouting at the man saying: “Stop f****** moving or I’m going to hurt you.”

The suspect then replies: “Okay okay I’m sorry man.”

The female officer appears to struggle to get him to keep still and so the third officer responds by forcefully stamping on him again.

Mia uploaded the video to social media which left many in the comments furious. Image: Mia Carter

More police arrive on the scene and as the final clip ends, the man can be heard shouting: “Get off my head.”

The videos were uploaded to Twitter by Mia who shared them captioned: “Are the Police allowed to do this? I’m shocked by what I’ve witnessed.

“Suspect may be resisting arrest but this is too much!

“‘Stop f****** moving or I’m going to hurt you’ Wrong on so many levels.”

She then tagged several law enforcement accounts asking them to look into the incident.

The videos shocked social media users.

@CoffeeAfrique wrote: “Vile!”

@andreix04 said: “3 officers kicking down one man, is he the hulk?”

@Ghanian_Queen added: “You better find, fire and persecute those officers.”

And @Twiceursize replied: “What the f***?”

The Met have asked people not ‘pre-judge’ what has happened. Image: Mia Carter

Speaking on Wednesday, Mia said: “I heard a loud thud, which I assume was them running him over in their car and that’s when I went to the window and started recording.

“You can hear him breathing heavily at the start.

“He was taken away in a police vehicle, but to make things creepier, no one knows where the boy is now.”

Metropolitan Police said on Wednesday they were “aware of the images”.

A Met Police spokesman said: “It is important not to pre-judge what has happened.

“Police officers work in difficult conditions, and on occasion, have to use force to achieve their lawful objectives.

“The footage on social media may capture only a small part or only one view of the incident, the MPS will always endeavour to establish the full circumstances.

“To this end, we sent a message to the person who posted on social media requesting more information.

“However, at this time we have not received information that would allow us to obtain more details about the incident or police action.”

The Met have been accused of racial profiling in the past. Image: Mia Carter

It’s not the first time the Metropolitan Police have been accused of heavy handedness.

Last week, officers in Lewisham were criticised for handcuffing a black man who was complying with a stop and search.

The officers were accused of “racial profiling” following the incident.

Police issued a statement following the backlash saying: “Acting on intelligence received regarding drugs activity in the area, a male was detained for the purpose of a search under s23 Misuse of Drugs Act at approximately 4.57pm.

‘Nothing was found and the man was not arrested.

‘The man was provided with details of the officer who conducted the search, and informed of his entitlement to gain a copy of the search record and how to progress this in line with standard protocol.’

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