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Traffic accidents from California to Las Vegas


Did you know that many Californian drive to Las Vegas annually? Many drivers are from Los Angeles County or San Francisco areas.  In 2017, California recorded 3,304 fatal car accidents and 3,602 accident related deaths, which is an alarming figure for any population. A car accident can cause serious troubles for everyone involved. It can cause both personal and professional problems as result of injuries that prevent victims from performing their tasks as a normal person.

The financial impacts of auto accident injuries could be significant, according to a California car accident lawyer.  In many cases, they are overwhelming and painful to think about as the bills for treatment and care keep piling up, and you keep missing work during the recovery period. This can be especially devastating when the accident is caused by someone else’s reckless or negligent driving. If they had driven safely, you would not be in such a situation to begin with.

Broken car

In such a case you deserve to be compensated for all the damages you suffer. This is what we call a personal injury case. In this type of cases where someone’s carelessness causes you pain and misery, sometimes even life-long physical damage, it is extremely important to ensure that the victim is able to get all the financial support they need for moving forward with their life. For example, 18 wheel truck accident often results in fatality or brain injury known truck accident attorneys.

Likewise, motorcycle accident lawyers have seen their clients with broken bones, and brain injuries. Working with a personal injury attorney is one of the best steps you can take to maximize your chances of getting the compensation you deserve, as working directly with an insurance company can be an arduous task. Your decision to go by yourself can harm your case and cause you significant loss in the end.

Retaining a car accident lawyer is an important first step following any injury from a car collision. The following text is intended to provide you with an overview of basic information regarding personal injury cases, insurance settlements, and other relevant issues. However, the best way to get a better view of your situation is by benefiting from a free initial consultation with a lawyer. During the initial consultation, experts will have an opportunity to learn some specifics of your situation and be in a position to give you an insight and advice about proceeding with your accident case.

A Step by Step Guide for Post Car Accident Situation

There are some aspects that are almost common in all type of car collisions, but every accident is different in its detail. Whatever the situation, you will need to respond appropriately and keep in mind that your safety is your absolute priority. 

Prioritize Your Safety

Immediately after a car crash, adrenaline will rush through your body and there would be some degree of panic when you realize what has happened. You will need to try to keep a cool and assess the situation to determine if or not you have been injured. You will also need to see if anyone else is in the car with you and in what condition they are.

Now, avoiding a secondary collision by incoming vehicles should be your top priority. If you and your co-riders are in a position to get aside the road, you should do it immediately. If your injuries are too severe, or it is too dangerous to move on, then you should stay put and wait for help.

Call 911

After a road accident, Call 911 immediately. Inform the operator about the injuries that you can see or feel, your location as well as any other information you believe will be important for the first responders. The 911 operator will be pass on the information you provide to the police and fire department. It will also be conveyed to EMTs, who will be dispatched to the accident scene. And, if the EMTs are aware of any serious injuries beforehand, they can prepare a proper plan while they are on the way.

Filing a Lawsuit

Many car accident victims wait until they hit a dead-end before contacting an attorney, losing valuable time that could have been spent on research and negotiations. But, if you have been working with your attorney since the start of your claim investigation, they will have all the necessary information to move the California courts, in case the insurance company denies you a fair settlement.

However, the good thing is that more than 95% of auto accident cases are settled out of the court, and even if you file an official complaint to initiate a trial, the parties still have the option to reach a settlement any time. And, a settlement is most likely to be reached after filing the complaint even before hearing of case starts.

This is so as your lawyer will work through to make further attempts to reach a resolution before your situation is heard by a judge and jury. As many as 50% of the claims filed with the courts are settled before start of the trial. Your chance of out-of-court trial significantly increase if you have a reputable law firm at your back. Even if the insurer won’t agree on a fair out-of-court settlement, your winning at court will be almost a sure thing if you are retaining an experienced and skillful lawyer.

Will my accident case go to trial?

Nearly 95% of vehicle accident claims are settled out of the court, without going to trial. But, you can’t rule out the possibility of your case finally landing in a court. You need not worry in that case if you have already engaged an accident lawyer with a vast experience. In many cases that land in court, a personal injury attorney will work with a plaintiff as their pre-trial attorney but will hand over the case to a more experienced lawyer to represent the client in court.