Friday, May 20, 2022
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Adorable video shows cat waving to owner through window as he arrives home from work

HEARTWARMING footage shows a cat waving excitedly at his owner as he arrives home from work.

The short clip captures Sox waving with joy as soon as he sees owner Michael Collins walk past the window.

The eight-year-old cat has been waving 33-year-old Michael off for the past few years, but his antics have recently gone viral.

Michael, from Halifax, West Yorkshire uploaded the adorable video to Twitter yesterday night [Mon] captioned with: “At the moment there’s a lot going on in the world so here’s a video of my waving cat, Sox,to make you smile.”

As the clip begins, Sox is seen facing out of the window.

As soon as he spots Michael approaching, he begins frantically batting his paw.

Michael appears through the window and starts waving back.

Sox then switches paws as he moves closer to the door until he is out of sight.

Nearly 120,000 people have viewed the clip with over 2,000 retweeting it and nearly 9,000 likes.

@BethPitsone wrote under Michael’s post: “I can’t stop watching, Sox is a superstar! He seems very enthusiastic waving you off.”

@LesleyWhitmore2 added: “Just showed this to my 5 five year-old granddaughter. And she loves it. Made her proper giggle.

“She now wants to come and wave at Sox. Thanks for making her day”.

@patybutler1 wrote: “Oh I Just love your cat. It made me laugh when I was feeling down.”

Speaking today, Michael said: “ It’s funny and sweet and nice. It puts a smile on my face.

“It’s a nice start to the day.

“He’s waved for the last few years every time I went to work if he’s sat there.

“He actually lived at another house on the road, but we thought he was a stray and he just moved in with us.

“He’s got an amazing, funny character.”


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