Shocking video shows men racially abuse protestors in front of police who “do nothing”


SHOCKING video shows a group of men hurling racist abuse at Black Lives Matter protestors as police look on and “do nothing”.

The men were caught on camera shouting “Go back to Africa” during the demonstration in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire yesterday [Mon].

In the clip, police present at the scene appear to take no action despite the men’s racist abuse.

Participants at the event also claimed that the men began shouting misogynistic abuse at female speakers at the event.

As the footage begins, the Black Lives Matter protestors are seen on one side facing against a group of white men.

One elderly man can be heard shouting over the crowd “Go back, black get it back, black get it back.”

The video reaches a shocking climax when the one man can be clearly heard shouting in front of onlooking police officers: “Why don’t you go back to Africa then?”

There is visible shock from the crowd including one woman who stares at the police open mouthed as they appear to do nothing.

The shocking scene was caught by 36-year-old Alice Johnson who posted the clip on Instagram captioned: “So sad that all these sad men have come out to oppose the peaceful protest.”

It was then shared more widely across social media where many criticised the police’s apparent inaction.

@Sha_bibie wrote: “At which point does “why don’t you go back to Africa then” become a hate crime?

“Saddens me (not shocked though) that the police were still focusing on keeping the demonstration calm when it was the other side who were being aggressive/antagonistic.”

@Khanbahram wrote: “Look at how many police officers are standing there and nothing happens.”

And @traciewayling said: “Speaking that way in front of kids, they’re not ‘men’ and they don’t even know it.”

Speaking today, Alice said: “When he said go back to Africa, the police didn’t do anything.

“They told protestors, ‘Don’t react or you’ll be arrested.’

“There were a lot of men shouting get your t*** out, is it your time of the month? You are all so dirty go for a wash.”