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“Best mum ever” shares video showing how she recreated the world of Harry Potter for £64

A MUM has shared a magical video showing how she recreated the world of Harry Potter at home as part of the ultimate movie marathon.

Lisa Mackinnon, from Johnstone, Renfrewshire, spent £64 and one week collecting materials from Aldi and B&M to transform her home into the wizarding world.

The 29-year-old decided to go all out to watch the film series for the first time with daughter KayliMia Mackenzie, 6, and step children Katie and Jenson Kyle, 8 and 6.

The spell-binding video starts with Lisa approaching a door marked platform nine and three quarters, in homage to the where Harry first leaves for Hogwarts.

Lisa then takes us on a journey around the house, revealing how she has decorated every inch with a Harry Potter theme.

The walls are covered with pages from The Daily Prophet, the fictional paper in the books and the fireplace is surrounded by floating letters from Hogwarts.

In the background, the film’s theme tune is heard playing as Lisa shows off the cloaks she bought especially for the event.

Partner James Kyle with (L-R) KayliMia, Jenson, Katie and Lisa

She has also created her own version of Honeydukes sweet shop, filled with tasty treats.

The ceiling is also decorated with floating candles like the ones that appear in the great hall at Hogwarts during the hit films.

Lisa took to social media to share her hard work, posting the video with the caption: “I’ve waited years for my littlest one to be the right age to sit and watch Harry Potter from start to finish with me and now that she’s six it feels right and the timing is perfect.

“We all got our Train Tickets and letters to Hogwarts.

“Everything was made from scratch and I even found a fireplace in our outhouse we knew nothing about from the previous tenants.

Lisa created Honeydukes sweet shop

“Chests with goodies made from cardboard and spray, we’re out today looking for our wands and away to get sticks to make our brooms.
“Last night was just like Christmas.

“Smiles all round and may our marathon continue.”

The post, which racked up more than 2,000 likes, has blown away social media users.

One user wrote: “Fantastic, clever lady, I love it.”

The children even received letters to Hogwarts

Another added: “I love Harry Potter and this just makes me want to do it for myself.”

And one woman said: “Best. Mum. Ever!”

Speaking today, Lisa said: “They couldn’t believe it all and the two youngest we’re jumping and screaming, shouting wow look and pointing everything out.

“Katie was in shock and you can tell when she likes something,  because she just goes silent with shock.
“I’ve been extremely overwhelmed and thankful by the response it’s had.

“The comments have been so loving and really make you feel like you’re doing the best as a mum for your children.

“All I want to be able to do is everything I can for them, so it’s lovely to see and gives you that warm feeling.”

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