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The 5 Best Slogans of All Time


A slogan represents, for a brand, a short and effective means of conveying its ideas or its values ??and of forging its identity. When finely formulated, they have the ability to impress consumers. Back on the best slogans produced by brands.

  •  Branding importance and creative agencies

Branding encompasses everything that represents your brand and how you define it. Although branding is one of the most important parts, reference is also made to everything related to relations with customers and partners, the way in which the company is presented in the media (through the advertisement post or articles) or the values advocated.

Overall, branding presents itself as the personality of the company. This is obviously the first thing to think about when you want to position a brand in the market, and a creative agency can provide professional services that lead you to success.

1- L’Oréal, “Because you are worth it”

The L’Oréal cosmetic brand is the world market leader and its slogan is not for nothing. In 1973, the enterprise produced an advertising spot which featured a young model evoking for the first time the famous slogan “Because i’m worth it”.

The idea originated from one of their products: “L’Oréal Préférence”. The brand justifies its quite expensive price by its quality with this famous slogan written by the young advertising assistant, Ilon Specht, who decided to create a real hymn to women.

A revolt which made it possible to design a slogan which shines worldwide, which has strengthened the link between the brand and its consumers by becoming “Because we are worth it” (instead of “Because I am worth it”).

Photo by Pat Kwon on Unsplash

2- Nike, “Just Do It”

Did you think that the slogan of the famous sports brand Nike came from a state of mind or a sporting event? Think again !

It was the American criminal Gary Gilmore, who himself demanded a death sentence following the two murders he committed in Utah, who inspired the brand. The latter’s last words, “Let’s do it” , sparked the idea at the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, who reformulated them in 1988 as “Just do It “.

The co-founder of Nike, not really excited about the idea of ??using the last words of a criminal to represent his brand, still let himself be convinced. This worldwide success, which accompanies the slogan and the small comma, initially costed only $35.

3- Nespresso, “What Else”

The Nestlé group subsidiary also produced a slogan known to all. Set up during one of the group’s first commercials alongside George Clooney in 2006, who said at the end of it: “You are talking about Nespresso, right? Yes, what else… “. The famous “What Else” was born and won over the audience, leaving room for mystery but also, from a cognitive point of view, for its composition of just two words. An effective, short and attractive slogan: a success!

Photo by Roman Lopez on Unsplash

4- Air France: “Make heaven the most beautiful place on earth”

The famous French airline also has an iconic slogan. The latter was however not adopted the first time, with many predecessors: “I’m flying so I’m there”, “We always aim higher” or “Punctuality is our best advertisement”.

In 1999, the brand joined forces with the BETC agency to launch the famous slogan “Make the sky the most beautiful place on earth”. Adopted by the French thanks to numerous advertising spots, it allowed the company to get rid of its arrogant image.

A success that still gave way years ago, to the new slogan “France is in the air”.

5- McDonald’s, “I’m Lovin ’It”

The famous fast food brand did not follow the trend by creating its own slogan but by taking up the song by the famous American Justin Timberlake “I’m Lovin’ It “. This is thanks to a multi-million dollar contract that has been concluded between the two parties to use the slogan worldwide. In the meantime, this simple phrase is one of the ingredients of McDonald’s worldwide success recipe.

And some other slogans that are written in our memories, our gestures to buy: it’s up to you and the creative agency of your choice to find the best slogan for your business!

  • Apple – Think Different
  • Twix – Makes a nice light snack.
  • M&Ms – Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands
  • Coke – Taste the Feeling
  • Wendy’s – Where’s the Beef?
  • Wheaties – The Breakfast of Champions.