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8 Small pool decorating ideas

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So you managed to build your very own pool in a small backyard space. Now, it’s time for decorations. With a few designs here and there, your miniature pool area can turn into a beautiful and luxurious part of your house.

When decorating your small pool area, you not only want to make it beautiful, but you also want to do it without using up too much area. After all, building a pool took away most of your backyard space, and you don’t want to make it even smaller. Fortunately, you can do some simple decorations to get that incredible poolside.

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  1. Foldable Lounge Chairs – The poolside area is not complete without some lounge chairs. But because you have limited space, big, bulky chairs are not advisable. Instead, go for foldable ones. Even if they take a lot of space, you can store them away when not in use. Make sure to add some poolside tables as well to place your books or summer drinks.
  2. Make Some Shade – Another staple in decorating a poolside area, you can’t go wrong with a little shade. You can either use a small, foldable umbrella or go creative with pieces of long and colourful fabrics. Depending on how much space you can work with, you can also build a small pergola.
  3. Beautiful Deck – When building a pool, whether big or small, a beautiful deck is necessary. For the poolside area, you want something slip-free and moisture-resistant. You can either choose wooden decking or composite decking boards for that natural look. Wood is safer when it comes to slips, while composites are a little more slippery but also are more resistant to water damage. Stay away from slippery materials, like PVC.
  4. Light ’em up – Nothing is more romantic and relaxing than dipping in a swimming pool with beautiful lights. Not only that, with proper lighting, you can also enjoy the pool even during the dark. For this, you can securely place lanterns near the poolside. You can also use DIY lighting, such as led lights inside mason jars. If you can securely place it, you can hang fairy lights across the pool. Some people also install lights inside their swimming pool.
  5. Forest Pool – Want something more forest-like? You can surround your pool with tall plants to give it a secluded and calming feel, like a proper jungle. You’ll also have your privacy. Bamboo works great with these types of decorations. Not enough? You can add some potted plants near the poolside for more greenery. When choosing plants to surround your pool, it’s best to pick plants which don’t fall leaves often. Evergreen plants, such as pine, and low maintenance plants will work well.
  6. Beauty in Simplicity – Another common approach to decorating the poolside area is by being simplistic. For this, you will only need a few decorations to add the slightest accents to the pool space. Neutral and warm colours, such as greys and whites, work best with minimalist styles. Not only is this cheap, but it also gives a relaxing and soothing ambience around the pool.
  7. Add Some Colour – If being simple and minimalist is not your style, you can go for a vibrant and colourful poolside. For this, you can surround the pool with vibrant flowers. You can also place chic and colourful pillows on your lounge chairs. Finally, you can paint the surrounding fence or walls to match the colour and style that you’re aiming for.
  8. Pool Patio Cover – We all know that there will be times that we can’t use the pool, especially during cold seasons. For someone with a small backyard space, it seems a waste not be able to use that space. Fortunately, there are ways to use that space even if there’s a pool in it. For instance, you can hide your pools with a custom-fitted, custom-made patio made out of PVC or composite decking materials. It’s crucial to use these types of materials because they are more resistant to moisture and moulding.


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