Moment tourist is confronted after traveling more than 400 miles to Scottish town to “visit a friend” during lockdown- Scottish News


THIS is the moment a man confronts a tourist in his home town after the traveler reveals he has journeyed more than 400 miles to get there.

The man was filmed admitting to flouting lockdown rules after it emerged he had traveled from Nottingham to Fort William in the Scottish Highlands to “visit a friend”.

He was confronted by local Niall Cavaye, who shared video of the moment on Facebook yesterday.

The video shows Niall driving down a road, before coming across a man crossing the road to enter his car.

Niall slowly approaches and calmly asks the man: “Is this your place man? Do you stay here?”

The man, clutching a camera, approaches Niall and calmly says: “No we are just guests here.”

Niall, then responds: “You’re not supposed to be a guest here sir, there is a worldwide, coronavirus.”

The tourist who travlled more than 400 miles from England was caught with his camera despite lockdown still in place-Scottish News
The tourist who travlled more than 400 miles from England was caught with his camera despite lockdown still in place (C) Neil Caveye

The man then responds to Niall saying: “No, no we are not paying, not that kind of paying guest.

“We are friend guest.”

The man smiles at Niall and then Niall responds: “Ah okay yeah, where have you come from?”

The tourist responds: “Nottingham” to which Niall responds: “Nottingham! Very Nice.”

The county town is 404 miles from Fort William, a clear breach of current Scottish guidance, which says people should not be travelling more than five miles from their home to exercise.

In England, there is no limit on the distance that can be traveled to exercise, however households are still being told to remain separate.

Picture of Niall Cavaye-Scottish News
Picture of Niall Cavaye

A frustrated Niall posted the video to Facebook with the caption: “If you own this property please get in touch.

“Is that a car rental too? Part of a package?”

The video has shocked Facebook users.

Fiona McCormick wrote: “But they are “friend guests” not “pay guests” so that means it’s okay!”

Angela O’Reilly added: “Bloody outrageous be interesting see if anyone gets in touch.”

Alison Donaldson wrote: “Wouldn’t we all wish to be somewhere else just now.”

And Margo Stewart said: “Caught in the act.”

A tourist was confronted after travelling 400 miles despite restrictions in Scotland-Scottish News
A map showing the distance the tourist traveled from England to his friend.

Speaking today 44-year-old Niall said: “The four of them came across the road with massive suitcases.

“I must add, there was no malice in any of those people, you can tell he knows there is something wrong. I caught him off guard.”

The taxi driver added that “common sense” was needed, saying: “Fort William has been really lucky in its coronavirus avoidance.

Nobody is against travel and tourism, it’s the backbone of this area, but leave the highlands alone it needs to be protected.”

Today, Police Scotland confirmed there have been more than 3500 cases of lockdown breaches.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also stated earlier this month that she “will not hesitate” to bring back tighter restrictions, if these breaches continue.