Dramatic video shows gang “scaring little girls” by brandishing machetes and crossbows in street clash


SHOCKING video has emerged of youths “scaring little girls” with machetes and firing crossbows at each other in the middle of a street.

The incident is believed to have taken place in Bradford, West Yorkshire and appeared on social media on 4 June.

The yobs were accused of “scaring the youngsters to death” as they were filmed waving their weapons around.

The footage begins with the youths walking around casually brandishing knives, the boy filming is heard saying: “Boy this is mad. This person has got a crowbar. Holy s***”.

Angry shouting can be heard from the street below and the boy filming exclaims: “It’s mad. There’s a machete, there’s radiators all over cards and that, look the guy is going to get him.”

One of the men involved appears to throw a box at his rival.

He is then pursued by a man wielding a crossbow who stops and then fires a bolt from his crossbow before ducking as a piece of debris is lobbed at his head.

Several men pursue the man with a crossbow, dodging a car as it drives past.

The group continue to threaten each other, waving around blades and what appears to be a gold club.

The dramatic scene was uploaded to Facebook captioned with: “Karma will come for you.

“Scaring little girls to death running at them with machetes, yet where the grasses. But you’re still walking the streets, we will sort this in Armley catch you later.”

The footage has disgusted social media users.

Julie Cropper wrote under the post: “Kids in a nursery playground.”

Jason Horsley added: “Holmewood in Bradford! F***g s*hole of a place.”

Tom Harry Poulton-Gee commented: “This gonna be on Neighbour’s from Hell?West Yorkshire Police were unable to find the incident when contacted but are looking into it.