Granddad goes viral after publishing autobiography for granddaughter to answer her questions about his life


A GRANDDAD has gone viral after writing an autobiography to answer his curious granddaughter’s questions about his life.

Giovanni Carson was inspired to tell his story after granddaughter Louise Carson, 24, gifted him a book filled with questions about himself.

The 71-year-old soon ran out of pages and decided to write a full autobiography about his life in Glasgow, which he then gave back to a delighted Louise to read.

Pictures show the book, titled For the Family and the Curious, which detail his life growing up in Scotland after World War Two.

Giovanni Carson was inspired to tell his story after granddaughter Louise Carson, 24, gifted him a book filled with questions about himself.

There are even anecdotes about meeting Sean Connery at the age of 16 and becoming a drinking buddy for Billy Connolly.

Giovanni dedicated the book to his “muse” Louise, and decided to self-publish after receiving such a warm reaction.

A super proud Louise took to social media to share her granddad’s book, saying:

“In 2017 I gave my grandad a book to answer questions all about his life and then give it back to me – so he’s been working on it ever since and three years later has just gifted me with the published copy of it.

“He’s turned it into an autobiography. The time and effort that went into this.”

Louise and Giovanni Carson

The front of the autobiography shows Giovanni at a gate outside an Italian home and a picture of the preface that has a picture of Louise in it.

Louise also shared a snap of the book’s dedication, which reads: “Before reading this book you should know where the inspiration came from.

“My granddaughter, Louise, gave me a book for Christmas 2017, the book was almost blank.

“In it was only questions and this is what the preface said.

“Dear Granda. Here is a gift from me to you, for you to give to me. When we were children we were always asking questions, well now I have some for you.

Louise initially gave Giovanni these small books before he decided to write an autobiography

“Please could you answer them in the way that only you know how and then give the book back to me.

“People say that we all have a book in us and this will be one of tours, the story of you and me that I will treasure forever.”

The heartwarming post has delighted social media users and been liked more than 18,000 times.

@beth_hendersonn: “Best thing I’ve seen in a long while. How precious this must be for you”.

@TheCanonburyKid: added: “After reading the preface I literally put my finger to the top right corner of my phone as if flicking to the next page.”

Giovanni dedicated the book to her for inspiring him to write the book about his life

Speaking today Giovanni said: “I was absolutely delighted. It was a great thing she was interested in my story.

“One of the best presents I’ve ever received. I started writing mine early but ended at 10 as I didn’t know where to go.

“Louise gave me inspiration with her questions like tell me about the time and place you were born.

“It’s much easier to talk about an incident than formulate it on a page. That’s why she is on the preface.

Louise added: “I had no idea he was going to add in that little preface about me and direct the full book as though he is speaking directly to me – I was so touched and had a little tear in my eye.

“Loveliest gift I’ve ever had.”