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5 Benefits of Promoting Your Brand on Social Media


Can you imagine spending not more than 6 hours in a weak so that you may boost your brand’s traffic, sales and recognition at very little cost? Well it’s possible. About 90% of marketers today claim that social media has helped to generate significant exposure for their business. And this is just one of its myriad benefits. In this article we have discussed 7 benefits of promoting your brand on social media, so that you know exactly why you need to be active on online platforms.

Social networks are a very important part of every successful marketing strategy. The benefits of using social media are highly detrimental. People who are unable to implement this cost-efficient resource on their business end up losing an astounding marketing opportunity.

It is very important to find the right platform to magnify your business. If you want to know which sites can help you expand your online reach then you can take help of our article. Here we have talked about some of the best sites that help you generate more likes and follow sales lead. 

It’s fairly easy to see how social media marketing is a resourceful element for your marketing success and most people have today realized the immense potential it holds for the growth of your business. Read on further to understand why your business needs social media marketing.

  • Increasing Brand Awareness

Social media is highly cost efficient method of digital marketing which is being used pool content and increase the visibility of your brand. To start off, you have to create a profile through which you can interact with a broad audience of customers. Each post which is shared online introduced you to a new network of people who could turn into potential buyers/ consumers.

Over 91% of the marketers today have claimed that their social marketing endeavors bore much greater results through increased exposure online. Social media also has the added benefit of letting people see your brand even when they do not have any particular reason to think about it. It is important to help consumers recognize your brand, so that they know you are an efficient option in the market.

  • Increasing Inbound Traffic

If you don’t market your business on social media, you inbound traffic will be limited to the regular amount of customers.  Using social media can help you reach beyond your loyal base of customers. Every social media profile that you create is an entryway to your website, and all the posts that you make create an opportunity of acquire a new customer.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are the only place where you can reach people from different backgrounds. It is important to syndicate your brand on as many platforms possible so that such individuals can reach your business organically.

For example, older demographics will make use of a keyword to search your product, on the other hand a millennial might use an entirely different social media platform. It is important to ensure that both of these can reach your company when they are looking for it.  

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  • Improving Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is another important step for you to increase your page rankings. Social media doesn’t increase your search engine rankings directly, but 58% of the people are still able to witness a rise in online ranking through the use of social media.

We all know that people heavily rely on Google results but won’t navigate beyond the first page. To make sure that you have a better chance at ranking better with social media, you need to create quality content which also integrates your targeted keywords. Content like infographics, blogs and case studies will help to build a social media community who will not only buy your content but also share it.

  • Increasing Conversion Rates

When your brand is more visible, it will have greater chances of conversion. Every image, video, blog or comment will lead the viewers to your company website to hype up traffic. Social media marketing permits the business to leave a positive impression by humanizing its approach. People online feel like they are conducting business with other ‘people’ and not corporate establishments.

Studies have shown that online marketing has a 100% higher rating of lead-to-close as compared to outbound marketing. When brands decide to interact online, consumers following their page start feeling safe with the credibility of their product. Placing your brand in a place where it can be liked, shared and talked about will only improve the conversion rates.

  • Improving Customer Satisfaction

Social media is a communication and networking platform. When you create a voice for your company through such forums, you are able to humanize your company. Customers appreciate it when they know it is possible to comment on your portals to get a personalized response. When you acknowledge every comment and response, you help improve customer satisfaction.

Every interaction you have with a customer on you social media page, gives you a opportunity to demonstrate your compassion publicly for your buyers. A person could have a complaint or a question, social media enables you to carry out an interpersonal dialogue and help your customer feel involved.


Social media marketing requires strategy and creativity. Although it seems overwhelming, the importance of social media cannot be over-emphasized. Even today, many businesses are not aware of the benefits of SMM and if you are one of those- this article is just for you.

 Today, there are as many as 3 billion people who make use of one online platform or another. Thus, the chances of you finding the right target audience online are very high. Be sure to thoroughly go through our article above to find out exactly why you could use online marketing.