“Actions speak louder than claps” Nurses blast politicians as less than 20 MPs turn up to healthcare debate

Nurses outside parliament
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Frontline nurses have blasted MPs after less than 20 turned up for a debate in parliament on about issues facing the healthcare workers.

Nurses carrying banners stationed themselves outside Westminster yesterday to highlight issues such as a 20% fall in pay since 2010 and safe staffing rations.

However, just 18 MPs turned up to the debate, which was centred around a series of e-petitions on the topic of giving health and social care professionals appropriate recognition and reward for their work.

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The nurses stood with banners and signs highlighting the inadequate pay in the face of the current challenges faced by health carers in the UK.

Olivia Watson, Registered Nurse said: “We all know nurses are underpaid and this is why we have over 40,000 vacancies in the UK even before this crisis.
“Nurses demand that this government and decision makers listen to frontline nurses about the changes we need to see for our profession.”
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Anthony Johnson, Registered Nurse and Lead Organiser for Nurses United added:
“The British public stand behind our nurses.
“It’s a shame that less than 20 MPs could be bothered to show their support for NHS staff on the frontlines.
“Actions speak louder than claps.
“We and the public will remember this.”