Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Mum left mortified after Twitter users spot “phallic” resemblance in photos of her home science experiment

The photos were intended to be entirely innocent.

A MUM who shared photos of her home science lesson has been left red-faced after Twitter users mistook the experiment for a “sex toy” workshop.

Emma Holmes, from Gildersome, West Yorkshire had been conducting the “elephant toothpaste” experiment with her children Harry, 9, and Isabella, 7 and decided to post about it online.

However, social media users were quick to point out the apparatus’ distinctly “phallic” form.

Images of the experiment show two bottles overflowing with pink foam.

The shape of the container combined with the colour of the foam has produced the unfortunate shape, leading many to believe the items were “sex toys”.

Emma with Hary, 9, and Isabella, 7.

She uploaded the picture to Twitter, captioned with: “Garden science lessons! Elephant toothpaste.”

The mum-of-two says she did not spot the x-rated resemblance until a few people began to point out it looked like a “pink dildo”.

Her tweet quickly went viral with “mucky minded” social media users sharing the post more than 10,000 times.

After numerous comments, she added: “ I never ever copped on how phallic they looked! You filthy animals”.

The post has had social media users in stitches.

Twitter users made some raunchy comparisons

@butwhatifitsall said: “I had to look twice at those! Thought you were giving a sex education lesson!”

@JaySnowballs23 wrote: “Home made dildos. Nice.”

@mikeleeds1967 added: “Jeez. Had to zoom in then.

“Thought you had two dildos stuck on the table. Wondered what you were teaching them.”

Speaking today, Emma said: “I’m glad everyone has had a giggle and I’ll be avoiding science for a while.

“I’m home schooling both my children and thought the elephant toothpaste experiment would be great for them to do!

The post has caused amusement online

“Plus I thought that experiments outside would be great because it’s so hot and would be fun and keep them busy for a while.

“I genuinely didn’t realise what they looked like until the first few tweets, then my face dropped.

Once someone said they looked ‘phallic’ I couldn’t unsee it!

“A few people have said I can do sex ed lessons with them.

“I’m just glad people have had a laugh out of it and if one person now wants to do science experiments then I’m happy.”

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